Underwear is one of the most functional pieces of clothing we have. Since we wear them under regular clothes, style and aesthetics come second to function and comfort. Just us how monarchies protect their crown jewels, so should men with theirs. The only difference is instead of being in bombproof containers, and with 24/7 surveillance and armed security, men have underwear. Although people, playfully but archaically, refer to the male genitals as symbols of masculinity, these organs are quite sensitive and fragile. Some studies even found that temperature in the crotch area can affect male fertility. Since men’s underwear has the closest contact to the genitals, men everywhere have to be intelligent in choosing who the keeper of their crown jewels should be.


Although there is importance in wearing the right pair of undies, many men seem to take this responsibility for granted. Some no longer even know how old their oldest underwear is. Many etiquettes and hygiene experts agree everyone should regularly replace underwear. Some say that the rule of thumb is for men to get new underwear at least once a year. Others even say men should buy a new pair every time they get a haircut. Regardless of how often replacement should be, purchasing the right kinds of men’s underwear is imperative in sheltering the assets down there. However, before you open your wallet to purchase the first set of tighty-whities that you see, there are some things you should keep in mind.


The kind of men’s underwear you buy should suit your activities and lifestyle. When it comes to material, for everyday pairs that you can wear for the office or a casual trip to the grocery store, cotton is a safe bet. The size will, of course, depend on your body. If you feel like the bands at the base of your legs are too tight, then you clearly need a bigger size.


On the other hand, you need to switch to a smaller size if you find your privates are marching in cadence with you. Different brands or manufacturers can define underwear sizes as small (S), medium (M), large (L), etc., or they can assign numbers. What parameters they consider for those corresponding sizes, such as the shape and circumference of the leg openings and the gusset shape, is up to them. Thus, you will have to do some trial and error to find the right brand and size for you.

If you are an athlete or are physically active, you probably sweat profusely during activities. Simple cotton underwear absorbs moisture, so having something down there that soaks up those liquids is unideal. Chafing is also a problem if you are moving a lot. Chafing is even likelier to occur with cotton that has absorbed moisture. Blends of anti-chafing fibres such as nylon and polyester can save you from this problem.


Moreover, because these synthetic fabrics wick away moisture, they lower your risk of fungal issues. The underwear should also be stretchy so they will not restrict your movements. Elasticity is another downside of cotton underwear since cotton nearly has no stretch.


Heat is another element to consider and is especially problematic in the summer. Proper airflow is part of the comfort that men’s underwear provides as it makes them breathable. Natural fabric offers the best airflow, and cotton is the top breathable material. However, as you know by now, cotton is not always ideal. Thus, a mix of cotton and synthetic fibres can be the perfect blend. Bamboo is also a great option that has gotten an excellent reputation for fabrics.


Although they are usually covered, men’s underwear is fundamental for everyday life. Making wise purchases is essential. Thus, thinking of what new pairs to buy can be one of the few moments where you have to put the boys downstairs above the others.