Why Purchase a Portable Generator for Your Home or Office


This is an age where lives depend not just on food or water, but also electricity. It is one of the most important aspects of everyday life and a necessity for almost any activity in or out of your home from the moment you wake up until you go to bed.

It is unimaginable to function normally without electricity. You don’t need it just to make your life easier, but there are many serious situations where having constant access to electricity means life or death.

This is where household generators come in handy. They are the most relevant backup source of electric energy we have today. Here are the pros and cons of getting a portable generator for your home:

The Pros

  • The whole house generators are a constant source of energy for almost all of your household needs
  • Food in the fridge will not spoil.
  • The heating stays on in case of temperature drops
  • Computer equipment is safe from overheating or dying due to sudden change or loss of voltage
  • They are a permanent solution and guarantee peace of mind

The Cons

  • They can be loud
  • Not recommended to install on your own, professional help is required
  • The initial purchase is costly but it pays off in the long run

Why do you need a backup generator?

Power outages can be a pretty common thing in the USA, especially in areas where thunderstorms and hurricanes are a constant threat. You are even more susceptible to outages if you are connected to an older section of the grid. It is in situations like these that you cannot rely just on your electric company.

Instead, if you want your home or business to run normally, even under harsh circumstances. That is why a generator is a must-have item. They are particularly useful to elderly or sick people who depend on medical equipment like a machine for dialysis or oxygen pumps. If you have small children you would need a generator to warm a baby bottle.

To sum up, there are numerous devices that require power and being without electricity for hours or even days can lead to a life-threatening situation.

Business can also suffer a lot. You need to have a backup generator in your office to keep your files safe and prevent data loss.

A whole house generator is your solution

Whole house generators are usually placed outside, next to your house or office and are permanently installed there. They are directly wired to your electrical network and can keep your home running for days if needed. Depending on their size or what type of gas you are using in your home, they run on propane or natural gas. You can easily set up what appliances or system you want them to backup in case of electricity loss.

It takes about 10-30 seconds for generators to kick in when an outage occurs. You don’t need to manually switch them on when that happens. They will automatically start when they sense that there is no electricity in your home or office. When the main power grid goes back online, the generator will also automatically turn off, so there is no manual labor required at all. They are even programmed to have weekly exercises to ensure that everything is running properly.

Some maintenance is necessary though, a service is due after 250 hours of use or at least once a year. You can learn more about why maintenance is required at this link:

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