Is your son or daughter scratching that itch to learn how to drive?

If so, there you need to decide if you will buy them a vehicle or they will rely on the family for transport.

In making the decision, remember your teen must understand the responsibility with driving.

From avoiding distractions to caring for a family auto or their own, having a driver’s license is serious.

So, should you buy a vehicle for your teen?

Pros and Cons to a Vehicle Purchase

Once your teen has gone to your area DMV and proceeded to pass the tests, now comes time to think about the vehicle.

Among some of the pros to getting your son or daughter their own car or truck:

  • Less running for you – You’ve likely run your teen to school, after school events, doctors and other places. If they have their own vehicle, you can put more free time in your schedule driving forward.

  • Not tying up the family car or truck – If your teen has their own vehicle, it is less stress to get all where they need to be. Instead of worrying about schedules, your teen can come and go at their pleasure.

  • More money invested – With an extra vehicle in the family comes more expenses. If your teen has been working part-time up to now, you might want them to contribute to some of the new vehicle costs.

  • More responsibility – Your teen having their own vehicle will teach them more responsibility. Although your teen may have had other responsibilities up to now, driving is a whole other game. By learning what comes with being a licensed driver, your teen will grow even more right before your eyes.

Among some of the cons to getting your son or daughter their own car or truck:

  • Will your teen take driving in a serious manner? – One of the concerns you may have in buying your teen a vehicle is their level of responsibility. If your teen is not the most responsible individual, will they take driving in a serious way? There can be no second chances when one is in a serious auto accident. Remind yourself about that before you go out and get them a car or truck.
  • Added costs – Unless your teen has been saving money through a part-time job, they won’t have funds for a vehicle. As a result, you end up with more expenses on your plate. Among them will be auto insurance and registration etc.
  • Too much freedom – Are you ready for your teenager to have added freedom with their own vehicle? If not, making them rely on your to get around gives you a little more control of the matter.

In deciding if you should purchase a vehicle for your teen, be sure to think things through and not make a rash decision.

What you decide will go a long way in not only your relationship with your teen, but also their well-being.