Qualifications Required to Practice Family Law in Australia


Family lawyers in Australia have to study a course that is recognized in the Law Society of that particular state, territory that you want to practice in. Each Australian state or territory has their own Law Society for Solicitors and Bar Association for Barristers.

Lawyers practicing family law in Australia have to follow the following steps:

    • Complete LLB (Bachelor of Law) or JD (Juries Doctor) – an LLB is a degree gotten by undergraduates who have not obtained degree in any other subject. A JD is a degree who already possesses a degree in under graduation. After completing the Priestley 11 which teaches legal knowledge that is basic but important to practice anywhere in Australia can one qualify to move to the next stage in becoming a lawyer.
    • Completion of practical and legal training – Practical Legal Training providers assesses students in training them to be lawyers. Completion of this course helps the trainee lawyers to go on legal practice admission.
    • Legal practice admission – graduates in law in Australia then must apply to the Admission Authorities of the states or territories where they wish to practice.
    • Certificate to practice – once the lawyer has completed his internship under supervision of a practicing lawyer he needs to apply in Law Society which is local to that area for a certificate to practice law on his own now.
  • Specializing within the law subjects help one to become domestic solicitors in Australia. The specialization is done during the Juris Doctor. When studying for this degree the student is exposed to different branches of law like family law, criminal law, property law, environmental law, tax law, real estate law.

Studying family law within Australia in JD or LLB levels makes it easy for a law student to adapt and learn in Family Law Practice. The best experience a freshman lawyer can get is during college. During the elective part of the teaching course involves the students in taking part in a mock dispute involving two families. Each family is represented by a student who then has to put forward their case outlining all the issues that are concerned. For a newly practicing lawyer experience is very important. This experience is achieved by interning for successful lawyers, taking pro bono cases, working as associates for established lawyers.

Domestic advocates in Australiahas to develop attributes and skills that are of utmost importance in their line of specialty:

  • Making drafts of court related documents, these include orders.
  • Writing letters.
  • Considering processes for resolution of disputes.
  • Considering mandatory ‘pre action procedures’.

Critical analysis, reflection and relaying instructions effectively are very important to be found in personal attorney in Australia. Interpreting and transmitting knowledge correctly and clearly to clients who have no knowledge of the subject is also the responsibility of the lawyer.


It is the duty of the lawyer to give sound advice to his client making him completely aware of all the repercussions.  Family lawyers in Australia need to have extensive specialized education that can then qualify them to get the best possible outcome for their clients in the court of law.

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