Questions to Ask Your Custom Yard Sign Company Before Getting Signs


Yard signs can act as informative props, or you can use them to display important information. They are built to stand the test of time and will last for years with proper care.

You may want to order custom yard signs for your upcoming party announcement or business promotion. You can purchase from a store or have your yard signs printed with a custom company.

Either way, you should do some research beforehand. No matter where you choose to order yard signs from, it’s crucial that you ask several questions before making an order or placing an order.

Here is a compilation of all the essential questions you should ask your custom yard sign company before getting any signage.

What Materials Are the Yard Signs Made Of?

You want to make sure that your yard signs are not only built to last (oil-cured, solvent-dipped, etc.), but they will also be able to resist weather elements—especially if they’re going outdoors.

The sun can fade some materials, including some dyes and ink. You will want to choose a sign material that is long-lasting and thick enough to prevent weathering.

What Kind of Printing Process Can You Use?

You may want more than one design element on your yard signs. For example, what if you wanted text on top of an image? This is where the printing process comes in. Some companies use silkscreen or digital printing, while others can print using die-cuts and foils.

What Sizes Are Available?

Your custom yard signs should be sized according to your needs and preferences. Most yard signs typically range from 4″x12″ to 5”x5” or more. Some companies have a minimum size requirement, while others have no size limit.

What Colors Are Available?

The colors on your yard signs should represent the message you want to get across to customers and visitors. Depending on your preference, you can order one set of yard signs in single or multiple colors.

What Customizations Can You Make to the Yard Signs?

There are some standard configurations for your yard signs, but you may want unique designs that emphasize certain elements. You may want more than one image design, various text styles, and colors. Find out what types of customizations are available to you before finalizing your order.

How Long Do They Take To Make?

You may want yard signs for a special event or promotion, so you must know how quickly the yard sign company can make them. Some companies require at least 72 hours (three days) before making your yard signs, while others can make them in a couple of hours or less.

How Much Will It Cost?

You’ll need to ask the yard signs company for an estimated price tag before getting any signage. Some companies have prices listed on their websites, while others require you to give your zip code and details before providing an estimate. Choose a custom yard signs company that has affordable rates.

What Are Your Shipping and Handling Fees?

Some companies charge for the cost of each yard sign, while others also require you to pay for shipping or delivery charges. Some will combine these charges into one price, while some may separate them. Either way, be sure to ask about the total purchase cost before placing an order.

Final Thoughts

Asking these questions will help you find the best company to fulfill your needs. You should also consider other factors, such as the turnaround time and even the total cost of purchase.

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