Whether you share your bedroom with your partner or enjoy spreading out across the room solo, it’s so easy for the bedroom to quickly become messy. As it’s the place where you’ll start and end your day, it can be a lot more beneficial for it to be clean and clear. Looking for a pair of socks or tripping over some shoes lying around can be extremely annoying at seven o’clock in the morning. These tips can help you create a more organised bedroom.

Choose the Right Wardrobe

If you don’t have a wardrobe or it’s already packed to the brim, start here. There are all sorts of quality bedroom wardrobes which provide lots of space and easily slot into any bedroom. Choose one that fits in with the décor of your bedroom and provides enough space to fit your (and your partner’s) clothes in. When you’re filling it up do a cleanse, placing any apparel you haven’t worn in the past year in a pile to go to the charity shop and putting out of season gear at the bottom.

Effective Shoe Storage Space

Even with a shoe rack, you can still find yourself tripping over trainers, stilettos and brogues on a daily basis once your collection gets too big for it. Install a dedicated footwear cabinet that opens out with your pairs of shoes neatly slotted in. Splitting it up so you and your partner have a shelf or two each will work best. Plus, storing them away in a cabinet or wardrobe means they shouldn’t get knocked off a regular shoe rack and become a trip hazard.

Hang What You Can

Continuing with shoes, if you or your other half has knee-high shoes, why not hang them up? This can save floor space and avoid them being crammed into a drawer. Hanging up clothes can be a great way to organise your wardrobe and make the most of otherwise unused space. You don’t even need a wardrobe; a simple rail and plenty of coat hangers will do in most cases.

Install a Practical Nightstand

Some might say a nightstand isn’t necessary but if you pick the right one it can be essential. This is where you can keep those daily items such as your phone and keys within close reach, while filling the drawers or space below with books, magazines and other stuff that usually gets left lying around. If you have separate bookshelves and only need a small surface then it might be better to adapt the bed’s headboard (if possible) to accommodate these things.

Utilise Room under the Bed

Not all beds have accessible space below them, but for those that do you should be using this effectively. It’s a great place to store bags, out of season clothes, hid presents, documents and other items you don’t use regularly. They might get dusty so be sure to check on them every so often, but otherwise this is the main area many adults forget about when arranging their bedrooms.

There are plenty of other areas you can focus on but for a nice and simple way to organising your bedroom, these are good places to start.