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You might be wondering if converting jpg to pdf is possible. Would you be able to convert files with an online tool that is accurate and high-quality? Chances are, you might have been using an online tool that did not deliver its promised jpg to pdf feature. Well, you can replace those websites with a complete and highly-effective online tool like PDFBear.

PDF is one of the standard and most commonly used file formats today. So, the need to convert various file formats into PDF is an ever-growing necessity. In this article about PDFBear today, we will focus on the jpg to pdf converter tool in PDFBear. We should be able to give you all the reasons to make the switch into PDFBear.

PDFBear is an excellent tool to use for your jpg to pdf conversion needs. You will be able to ensure a high-quality conversion through a bunch of features that make the process feel streamlined, secure, and accessible. It would absolutely be best if you equip yourself with a highly-functional and adaptive online tool like PDFBear.

Convert JPG to PDF

Converting JPG to PDF is a lightweight task that you can do in PDFBear. It will not matter if it is your first time using the converter in PDFBear or if it is your first time converting jpg to pdf. To reassure you, JPG to PDF is a possibility in PDFBear. Use the jpg to pdf converter and read the instructions provided by PDFBear.

The first step in turning your jpg files to pdf is to select the jpg files that you need to convert into pdf. The converter provided the button for your uploads, which will then show all the options available. After these steps, click or tap on “Convert” and patiently wait while PDFBear works its magic.

Now that you finished the conversion, you will be able to download the converted jpg to pdf document. Use it for your own use and save it on your computer or share the material with your Google Drive or Dropbox.

Works With Other Image Files

The ability to convert jpg to pdf has never been this easy and streamlined. Users will also be able to convert image files other than JPG. Upload any PNG, TIFF, BMP, into the space provided and turn it into PDF. It would take the same time in converting these image files as it would on jpg to pdf conversions.

Expect the converter tool to be able to handle these other image files without any issues or problems. Rest assured that the jpg or other image files, conversions to pdf would yield the same high-quality results. Indeed, having PDFBear as a go-to online tool gives a lot of versatility and flexibility when it comes to converting pdf.

The jpg to pdf converter also can work with multiple images. Users on the PDFBear jpg to pdf converter will be able to upload and add additional image files for pdf conversion. The converter also enables users to combine multiple image files and combine them into one pdf document.

Secure And Safe To Use

It is entirely understandable to have doubts about the security of using an online tool that is for free. However, PDFBear guarantees the security and privacy of its users. PDFBear works with the newest technology and a 128-Bit SSL Encryption to protect your documents and files. You will be able to ensure the safety and privacy of your jpg to pdf conversion.

PDFBear also deletes all of the uploaded and complete files on their servers after 60 minutes. Through this mechanism, PDFBear can guarantee that no one else, except you, will have access during and after you use the converter.


It will not matter at all if you find yourself in need of a quick convert at school, work, or home. PDFBear is always accessible, and you can access it on your PC, laptop, smartphones, and other devices. Converting jpg to pdf has never been this easy, accurate, and accessible.

Need to convert a jpg to pdf before a presentation real quick? Open the converter tool on your phone immediately. PDFBear also delivers its service 100% free. You will not have to take any money or cash to convert one jpeg file into a pdf document.












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