Removing a tenant from your property can be a long and expensive task to process. Moreover, it is a stressful and challenging process. So, It is a wise idea to reduce the stress and challenges of the process by hiring a land eviction lawyer.

You can meet with a expert eviction lawyers to discuss and make them understand your situation to take your stress away. They take over all aspects of eviction from the landlord and dealing with it in an inefficient professional manner to return the property to the landlord in the quickest possible time

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How to Evict a Tenant legally and fast:

It takes time to remove a renter from your property professionally, or you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. You will need to have the exact knowledge of your state laws. A valid eviction reason, documentation of offense, a written notice of eviction, a court order of removal and whether a postal eviction notice is required or not in the whole process of eviction.

Step 1

You should contact an expert professional eviction lawyer to ascertain the laws governing eviction proceedings in your jurisdiction. If you’re managing government-backed housing, follow the eviction rules established by the United States Department of Housing and urban Development.

Step 2

You may need a valid reason for evicting a tenant. A violation of their lease, non-payment of rent or safety downside. Landlords don’t necessarily have the right to remove a tenant if they don’t have any initial lease agreement. Until the landlord has a valid reason, Tenants will choose not to renew their lease agreement.

step 3

You can not try to evict a tenant by force or a self help attempt to get them to go away by cutting off their heat or water, forcibly lock their house or move them out of their possessions. These methods are all illegal and the landlord will be subject to monetary penalties along with the payment of attorneys fees to the tenant.

step 4

You have to send a written notice to the tenant regarding any problems and any other proof of your claim like bounced rent, agreements checks or photos of property damage.

Step 5

Let the tenant understand in writing that you are progressing to evict them if they do not pay their rent or correct a violation by a precise date. What proportion time you offer them varies from state to state. If you’re evicting a tenant without cause, check that you’re giving the advance notice needed in your country, which may vary from twenty to ninety days.

Step 6

If the tenant has not addressed the eviction matter among the time-frame or if the tenant does not respond among the time outlined by the local court then you win by the default way of law. The case could move to a hearing if the tenant wants to challenge the eviction.


After winning the case as a landlord, the case representative of the court like a sheriff marshal or constable can post a notice on the tenant’s door. Giving them a move-out date at which period the tenant and their possessions are forcibly knocked out from the premises by the court representatives which they have not vacated on their own.

step 8

However, if the tenant wins, you will have to let them stay and pay their costs of fighting the eviction in most cases. So be sure to follow the letter of the law before starting proceedings.

Express Evictions believes it’s necessary for their clients to grasp the eviction method and helps to educate them. Take a glance at the eviction flow sheet to higher perceives the specific eviction method. It’s necessary to consult a knowledgeable law firm before implementing any eviction ways, and Express Evictions can assist you in that regard. A literary lease agreement, whether or not written by an associate professional lawyer or by yourself, will help you in avoiding lawsuits which will cost a lot of your time and cash.