Ray Ban Prescription Glasses to add to your style


Italy’s Luxottica owned Ray Ban is a brand which most of the people associate with fashionable or high end sunglasses. But Ray Ban makes some of the finest quality eyeglasses also known as prescription glasses.

Combining style with performance

Being true to their legacy of fashionable sunglasses, Ray Ban glasses also come in quite attractive and eye pleasing designs. The frames are designed according to the latest styles and trends in fashion. Afterwards, these premium quality frames are equipped with some of the world’s finest optical lenses made by Ray Ban thus creating an exceptionally high quality eyewear product in the form of glasses.

Frame material and types of Ray Ban glasses

The frame materials commonly used for making glasses are Acetate, Carbon Fiber, Light Ray Titanium, Metal, Nylon and other premium materials.

The glasses from this brand come in three different frame types – Full rim, Semi rim and Rimless.

Ray Ban glasses are available for both men and women. There is a separate product line named ‘Junior’ made especially for children and young adults.

Special features and manufacturing processes of Ray Ban glasses

All the glasses are made with state of the art technologies, in world class manufacturing facilities, using premium material and applying industry leading processes, which are among the best in the business.

Frames of glasses are crafted from a single piece of synthetic material and then hand polished to give them the distinctive, substantial and strong look they are famous for. An average Ray Ban frame has strong metal hinges that normally contains around seven interlocking metal ‘teeth’ to give the frame an unparalleled strength and robustness.

Product details of Ray Ban glasses are engraved in white on the inside of the arms of the frame. Product serial number & manufacturing date is printed in white on the inner part the left arm, and country of manufacturing is given on the inside of right arm of the glass frame.

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