Read Phenibut Reviews Before Considering This Nootropic!


The popularity of nootropics has increased considerably in recent years. No matter whether you are interested in improving cognitive function or want to reduce stress, nootropics can be useful. Phenibut is one of the better-known nootropics on the block, and it was first developed in Russia. For now, the use of this drug is not approved in the US and many countries, as the studies related to it are limited. If you are interested in Phenibut, you should know that you can buy the product as a dietary supplement, which doesn’t require a prescription and is not illegal either. Here are some quick facts at a glance.

What’s Phenibut?

Phenibut is basically a version of GABA, which is the short of gamma-aminobutyric acid. GABA is naturally produced in the brain and is known to have a calming and relaxing effect. However, taking gamma-aminobutyric acid is not effective in itself, because it cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Phenibut is chemically similar to the neurotransmitter and can cross this barrier. Phenibut can be classified as a Gabapentinoid drug. Phenibut has many benefits, according to many users. Firstly, it can reduce depression, anxiety and stress and can help in improving the sleeping patterns. It is also ideal for improving communication skills, and there is some evidence that shows that Phenibut can help in increased release of growth hormones.

Should you use Phenibut?

As with any supplement that’s classified as a nootropic, Phenibut should be used with care. It is important that you consider the benefits and side effects at the same time. Find more about what other users have to say about the drug, and you can read more reviews at Nootriment. Keep in mind that Phenibut is safe if you take it as recommended. Never use this drug for a long period or for a continual basis. Just like bodybuilding supplements, it must be used in a cycle. This means that after using it for a while, you must give a considerable break, before restarting again. Phenibut is not recommended for people who are using drugs that impact the CNS, and it is not meant for nursing mothers or pregnant women.

Dosage of 250 mg is considered to be enough for starters, taken for two to four times a day. Phenibut is best taken in the evening, as it can cause drowsiness. Check the reviews and do your homework before you start.

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