With the Virtual Home Staging, users can see ahead of time – through videos, 3D images and photos with before and after pictures – the different options of how their house, currently empty or furnished, could be redistributed space, lighting or purification of furniture.

With this new service, it is no longer necessary to decorate and renovate the floor to attract potential buyers.

A computer simulation is enough to show how that decorated floor could look.

Advantages of Virtual Home Staging

Virtual home staging has 3 advantages over real intervention

  • Affordable Price
  • Fast and
  • Simple (does not require going to the house).

Look, Virtual Staging clearly shows what the service is and how it is before and after. Photos and 3D images with the new decoration and photomontage with the before and after are given, so the buyer has a feel of what he/she is about to purchase.

Why You Need 3D Decoration Photo of a Furnished Room

  • With home staging, it is not just about beautifying; it is also seeking the modernization of the facilities or the depersonalization and neutrality of the spaces.
  • Unlike interior design, it is about decorating, illuminating and distributing space differently and eliminating those defects that can scare away buyers.
  • Before buying the house, the buyer needs to imagine the apartment already renovated and decorated (in addition to knowing the cost that the renovation/decoration can represent), it is something that can motivate the purchase decision.
  • And the real estate agency or the owner of the apartment should show an attractive home to attract potential customers.
  • The agency must also differentiate itself from its competitors and provide added value, if it wants to obtain the exclusivity of an apartment and attract more customers, something that it does when it offers the virtual home staging service to its owners.