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Reasons to Buy Star Health Insurance Policy for Unlimited Benefits


Health insurance may not be something that you give much importance till now, but the increasing diseases and health care expenses in our country have made it must get a suitable health insurance plan that covers you from critical illness and emergency medical expenses. Health insurance not only provides confidence while getting treatment but a way to restart your financial future.

If you are looking for instant renewal, hassle-free claim settlement and unique coverage benefits, then Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd. is the most considerable name you can choose for health insurance.

Why Star Health Insurance?

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited has been providing Health Insurance since 2006, along with Overseas Mediclaim Policy and Critical Illness, Personal Accident and more. With more than 300+ branches across the globe, the insurer has more than 8800+ network hospitals offering cashless payment facility.

Awarded as the best claim services company, Star health insurance not only offers a wide range of options for individuals, families and Senior citizens, but for autistic children as well. There are benefits offered with each policy specially designed with keeping its customer in mind so that you get a cost-effective health solution in case of a medical emergency or accidental occurrence.

Here are the major advantages of buying health insurance from Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd:

  • Wide network with more than 8200 hospitals across the country, allowing hassle-free chasteness treatment.
  • Easy claim settlement procedure without any third party administrator.
  • Faster claim settlement with more than 87% of cashless settlement in less than 2 hours (as per the records).
  • Experts are available for free medical consultation over 24/7 toll-free helpline.
  • You can buy a yearly or multi-yearly health plan as per your needs.
  • Cumulative bonus and No Claim Bonus for every claim free year.
  • >Minimal documentation procedure along with online policy purchase as well as free claim settlement online.
  • Special benefits for Senior Citizens.
  • No copay needed for applicants less than 60 years of age.
  • Tax benefits under section 80D and most of the plans are designed for easy lifetime renewability.
  • Pre-hospitalization and post hospitalization expenses are included up to 60 days prior to hospitalization and 90 days after discharge.
  • Determined day care schemes, which require hospitalization, are included.
  • Donor’s expenses for organ transplantation are covered.
  • Non Allopathic treatments are covered up to the limit specified.
  • Hospitalization arising due to diabetes or related difficulties are covered.
  • Surgical procedures are covered as per the type of policy chosen by you.
  • Compensation for accidental death.

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More Reasons Why Star Health Plans Are Preferred By the People?

    1. Plans for Everyone- Despite all the benefits and key features of Star health insurance plans, another thing that sets them apart is the variety of comprehensive insurance plans for individuals, families, senior citizens. Family floater plans include 2 adults and 3 dependent children until 25 years of age whereas individual plans also cover accidental death and critical illness.
    1. Maternity Cover- The plans cover maternity and related expenses for a maximum of 2 deliveries and the limits are as follows:
  • Normal delivery cost up to 20,000 depending on the sum insured.
  • Cesarean delivery can be up to 15000 to 50000, depending on the sum insured.
  1. New Born Baby Cover – This Add-on rider covers expenses for a new-born baby from birth up to 5 months. Once the baby turns 5 months old, he or she can better be included as a regular person with the health insurance policy. Please remember that the cover does not include post-natal and immunization investments, and accessible only in case of a family floater policy.
  1. Hospital Cash- With some of the star health insurance plans, the insured get the hospital cash benefit with room rent benefits of 2% on the sum assured. The cash allowance can be up to Rs 500 every day. This may not include pre or post-hospitalization.
  1. Online Facilities: Along with the add-ons and policy covers, Star Health & Allied Co Ltd. offers 24/7 online support and medical consultancy from the friendliest experts. Whether you want to purchase a policy, fill the premiums from distance or need medical reports for routine check up, you can get everything online within a few minutes.

Senior Citizen plans:

While signing up for health care insurance after retirement it means you are going to pay higher interest rates, higher premiums with lesser compared benefits. Companies mostly cut down on profits given to the parents while eliminating the cover given to them partially or completely under the health insurance provided to the workers. Star Health insurance offers special benefits to senior citizens that offer the best solution to such problems, and one can enjoy health care coverage in the most needed age.

Now that you know what key features and benefits are included under the star health plans, choose your plan wisely keeping your requirements and budget in mind and rest will be taken care of by the friendly team of Start Star Health and Allied Insurance Co Ltd.

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