Reasons to Choose CakePHP Framework


CakePHP is an open source, free of cost, quick development PHP framework. It is a base structure for developers to develop web applications.

But why should you use CakePHP?

PHP app development offers CakePHP on a larger base. There are several new entries in the PHP market such as Symfony, Laravel and many others, but CakePHP hasn’t lost its value. It is a feature rich, strong technology offering customized services for all types and sizes of businesses. A lot of top brands such as Hyundai, BMW and Billabong have been using it for their websites.

Here are the specs which CakePHP offers to its dedicated CakePHP developer

  1. Data sanitization
  2. App scaffolding
  3. Generation of code
  4. MVC architecture
  5. Easy licensing
  6. CRUD system for database interaction
  7. Readymade validation
  8. Friendly community
  9. Easy caching
  10. Email, safety, request handling components
  11. Localization
  12. Quick and easy templating
  13. Easy ACL
  14. Support for AJAX, HTML, MySQL and JavaScript

MVC architecture

It runs on Model View Controller model for code design. The pattern segregates the application to three components. Every component is used to deal with completely new aspect. The model is designed to render support to all logical data that a dedicated CakePHP developer works with. One can easily insert, update, edit and delete the information from the templates. In the second model, you get “View” support offering information on the screen. It can also control and react to the actions and edit the data before interacting with the database model. It serves as a connected interface between the models considering the elements. It is highly recommended for large sites and applications.

Easy extensions

When the php app development company uses CakePHP, they expand the project with behavior, elements and plug-ins. It helps you go for reusable code components which are beneficial for projects. When you increase the functionality via these components, plug-ins, elements, you can create a general library rather than extending the core libraries of CakePHP. The library is shared with different models, controllers and is used in different projects too. Dedicated cakephp developer is offered with tones of plug-ins, elements and helpers so that they don’t have to begin from the scratch.

Simple configuration

This is the basic reason why software development company Austin chooses it as their web framework. CakePHP makes database management connection settings simple. All the functions are automatic in CakePHP and thus web development is simpler and faster.

CRUD facility

Another most sought after feature of CakePHP for easy data management is its capability to create, read, update and delete data. With built-in CRUD, you can develop effective websites and web applications and handle database problems too through the CRUD operations.

It is highly compatible with the other versions of PHP

Though some developers opt to believe that CakePHP is suitable only for PHP5, but it is not true at all. It can be used in PHP5 as well as PHP7 version. This is yet another reason why developers choose it.

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