Applied for your UAE visa recently? Trying to figure out why it got rejected? Well, there could be a number of reasons for the rejection. Let’s learn about it in details.

Why Your UAE Visa Got Rejected?

The reasons listed below are the most common reasons as to why people’s UAE visas get rejected:

  • If you were a resident of UAE and left the country without canceling your residence visa. In order for you to get approval, the Pro has to visit the immigration and clear your previous records for UAE residency visa.
  • If your passport is handwritten, it will be rejected by the UAE immigration department.
  • Your visa application will get rejected if you have any previous criminal record, misconduct or fraud committed in the UAE.
  • In case you applied for a tourist visa earlier but did not enter the country. For you to get approval, the sponsor or the PRO of the travel agency has to visit the immigration in order to clear your previous UAE visa records.
  • If you applied for employment or work visa via a company or employer but did not make an entry to the country then, your visa application will get rejected.
  • If there are any typo errors in your visa application such as an error in your name, profession code, passport number, etc., then your visa may get a late approval or may even get denied.
  • In case the passport photo provided by you is not clear or blurry then, the UAE immigration department has the complete right to reject your visa application.

If you have none of these above-mentioned issues then, you can easily apply for your UAE visa via any good traveling agency that has been providing great UAE Visa service for ages.