Reasons Why Kiln Dried Logs Make Perfect Firewood



Although it is possibly not the optimum time to purchase firewood, with the weather finally starting to look up and the sun shining all over the UK, there are still many reasons why people are still ensuring that they have lots of quality firewood stored away, for example to heat up their gardens to continue their outdoor fun after the sun starts to go down! This is why we are here today to explain to all why we believe kiln dried firewood from Lytham Logs to be the best firewood available! Keep on reading to find out exactly what makes kiln dried firewood so amazing…

If you have spent lots of money ensuring that you have the best quality log burning stove, or even outdoor fire pit, it is important that you consider the type of firewood that you are going to use.

These are many reasons why kiln dried wood is the greatest firewood available, including but not limited to the following:

Smoke reduction: If you have a fire pit or log burning stove, and are looking for it to warm you up, we are certain that you will not want the heat that comes from your fire to also come with harmful smoke. Kiln dried wood does not produce as much smoke as damp wood due to the low moisture levels that it boasts. If you are looking for a ‘clean’ fire, choose kiln-dried logs.

Higher heat: Kiln dried firewood burns much hotter than regular firewood – This is again because of how dry it is. Kiln dried wood products much more heat than old and damp logs and can therefore provide areas with much more heat – allowing larger spaces to be heated using the same amount of wood.

Longer burn times: Kiln dried firewood also burns for longer than other firewood options – This means that less is needed and that fires can be created and maintained easily without owners having to keep a constant eye on them to see when they need topping up with new logs.

Great deals available: Luckily, for all kiln-dried firewood can be bought more incredibly low prices, especially when purchased in bulk – with thanks from specialise kiln dried log providers such as Harpers Firewood.

These are only some of the benefits of using kiln-dried firewood for your log burning stoves and firepits this summer too! Luckily, for you there are many kiln dried wood suppliers scattered around the UK that will be able to supply you with affordable kiln dried firewood and deliver it conveniently straight to your do

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