Reducing Poverty: How to Uplift Urban Communities


America is often looked at as one of the most prosperous places on the planet. While this may be true, there’s a lot of the country that is struggling economically. Urban communities in states all around the country have a massively high rate of poverty.

It is difficult for those that live in these communities to rise above the economic problems they face and live a healthy day to day life. Empowering the poor will be essential if we want to combat poverty in this country and give everyone a better quality of life.

What are some of the ways that poverty can be reduced and the working class raised across these cities? Read on and we’ll walk you through a few important methods.

Provide Job Training to Youth in the Community

Investing in urban communities means investing in the future, and that investment needs to be put towards the youth. If you can help the younger generation develop the skills they need to find meaningful and fulfilling work, you can set them on a path towards later success and upwards development.

Youth employment is a hugely important part of combating poverty. Increasing young people’s access to work will allow them to increase their income and push up the ranks of the job market.

There are many different ways to assist the youth of urban communities on this mission.

Providing programs within schools and outside of schools to educate kids about getting a foothold in the workplace. These programs can educate the youth about how to find and apply for jobs, how to build a resume, and how to make it through a job interview, among other skills.

In addition, many teens can obtain entry-level jobs or internships that will give them active on-the-job training. This will allow them to learn the skills they need to function properly in these environments when given the chance after school.

In addition, this on the job training will give them a leg up over the competition in acquiring a position. It will allow them to step into a position with an easier transition.

Of course, these training sessions will need to reflect the current state of the job market and challenges that young people face in getting started in the labor market.

Identify the Barriers to Success

While many urban communities suffer from similar problems, the causes of these problems are by no means the same from place to place. The major obstacles those in poverty face in Chicago might be totally different from those in a similar economic position in Tallahassee, FL for example.

What might be a potential obstacle to success? In many fragile communities, there can be more than one. But, what is a fragile community? A fragile community can be defined as any community that faces significant barriers to opportunity.

Hunger and a lack of food are one of the biggest reasons in many communities. There are millions of people across the country who suffer from chronic hunger. Many of us can’t imagine what it might be like to go through a day without any idea of where our next meal may be coming from.

Launching agricultural programs across communities can help to fight back against this problem and support those in the community who need help. Knocking down this particular barrier with food banks and other such community resources can help those with the least help get back on track with their lives.

Similar methods can be used to mitigate the damage of other barriers within a community. Time just needs to be put in to research and identify what kinds of problems are causing the issues in these communities.

Providing Financial Training and Services

Most people who live in poverty come from a long line of families that have lived below the poverty line. With little money in hand, it can be hard to find the stability to rise up out of poverty.

Providing free financial services and assistance to these communities can help right a historical wrong and push these communities financially upward.

Offering microloans in these communities is a great way to do just this. Microloans give an opportunity to those who have no credit history or collateral. Individuals can borrow small amounts at low-interest rates in order to start or sustain local business ventures.

The success of these business ventures can help lift up the community as a whole. Entrepreneurs can provide important resources to the rest of the community and increase their own economic standing at the same time.

One might open an eatery, become a tailer, provide funeral services, or one other of an endless list of professions and services. All of these can have a hugely beneficial impact on the community.

The ultimate goal of giving these loans out should, of course, not be predatory. The hope is not to make money on the loans but to help the community to become self-sustainable.

Revitalizing a community and giving the people of that area a chance to grow and shine can help but these urban areas back on the map. It won’t be easy and it may take a lot of work and time, but it’s possible if we choose to invest in the future.

How to End Poverty in Urban Communities

Many people who live in urban communities across the country deal with huge economic struggles and many obstacles to opportunity. It’s important to look at these issues in the eye if we hope to overcome them. The above are just a few potential solutions.

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