Whether you have a fleet of semi-trucks or buses, you know that each of your vehicles is put to the test every time they hit the road. While you keep, those motors humming by keeping up with your routine maintenance schedule, there are some parts of every truck or bus that eventually need to be replaced. Your fleet’s seats are one of the first things to be noticed by your drivers and customers, yet they are also one area that receives the most wear and tear. As you plan for your renovation, look for these features to find Sears truck seat covers that will go the distance.

Stain Resistant Materials

One of the fastest ways to ruin a seat is to have someone spill food or a drink on the surface. While you know this, you also know that it isn’t reasonable to expect that a driver or patron will never slip some food or a beverage into your vehicles. Make sure that your fleet’s Sears truck seat covers are made from quality materials that resist stains. Although choosing colors such as black and gray go a long way toward disguising spills, it is far better if the material never absorbs the liquid. Both real and fake leather are great for repelling liquids. If you prefer fabric, just make sure that it has been treated to resist stains.

Padded Back and Cushion Supports

Semis and buses are most often used for long drives that can wear on the driver and passenger’s bodies. Check out Sears truck seat covers that have additional padding in the lower back area along with cushioning where the body hits the seat. While it may seem like a luxury, it truly is a necessity for drivers who must be up to the task of also unloading their truck after they have been driving for hours.

Slip-Resistant Fit

It is also important to know that your seat covers will stay put after they are installed. When selecting seat covers, you can choose between universal and custom fit designs. It is important to work with your replacement company to decide which one works best for your fleet. However, most truck and bus companies prefer custom fit seat covers that allow them to fit snugly against the chair so that they are always in the exact place even with people sliding on and from the seats.

Outfitting your fleet with new seat covers is the ideal way to freshen up the interior of your trucks or buses. As you peruse your options, keep in mind that comfort, durability and stability are all key factors that play a role in your crew’s long-term happiness with their newly covered seats.