Repatriation of the deceased from Switzerland


There are the difficult times in each person’s life, moments when we face the loss of a loved one. And if that person was gone from his country, the pain is even bigger. And the desire to bring the dear person home is a normal one. Any family in this situation where a member of the family died, this requires a full and quality funeral service to ensure that the deceased gets home in optimal hygienic and legal conditions.

Whether there are cases of international transport in Italy or non-EU countries, regarding the repatriated deceased from Switzerland or from any other country, you can benefit from transport specially designed for such situations. The repatriation will take place only after a contract between the company and the deceased’s family, a contract detailing the services offered by our company.

As for the repatriation costs, these vary according to the country and place where the death occurred and the place where the deceased should be repatriated. The number of kilometers traveled, the coffin with which the body will be repatriated, the way in which the deceased will return to the country, if it is by car or through airline companies, all these are factors that influence the final cost. We will try to offer a more affordable price for the deceased’s family whose last care at this time should be the financial part.

We offer international transport services from Italy, Germany, England, Bulgaria, Holland, etc. and also repatriating services for deceased which death occurred in Swiss, Italy, Germany and other or non-EU countries. Transportation can only be done with authorized and approved cars under the applicable legal regulations.


Steps to follow in order to be repatriated:

  • Registration of death to the local authorities in the country where happened and, if desired, to the Romanian Consulate;
  • If the Embassy or the Romanian Consulate has been announced about death, they inform the Ministry of Administration and Interior of Romania, with the obligation to notify the family about the death of the Romanian citizen;
  • The Romanian Embassy or Consulate will be able to issue a certificate of Romanian death, which can be obtained only on the basis of the death certificate issued by the local authorities of that country and other documents provided by the Romanian legislation;
  • If death has not been registered at the Embassy or Consulate, then the Romanian death certificate will be issued by the Romanian authorities on the basis of the foreign death certificate and the documents provided by the Romanian legislation;

As a result of the death in Italy, international transport from Italy can only comply with the national law of that country, because the death occurred there and according to the applicable international rules.

The steps of Switzerland’s deceased repatriation service are as follows:

  • lifting the body from the place where the death occurred and depositing it to the nearest morgue or funeral house;
  • certified body embalming, no matter where the death occurred;
  • drawing up all documents for the deceased person that are necessary for repatriation;
  • providing a standard coffin in cases of deceased repatriation from Switzerland. It must be a coffin that complies with the port police rules of the country where the death occurred
  • obtaining the documents of international death, as well as the mortuary passport for returning to Romania, in emergency regime;
  • obtaining an apostille on the death document (where the law requires it) as a matter of urgency.

These documents are required for repatriation. We recommend you call our company for a full funeral service. We have a very extensive experience in this field and connections in all countries so we can offer you the best solutions in such situations. We will take care of all the necessary steps so that the dear person can be transported in the best conditions and in the shortest time.

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