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Right Quality of Doona Adds Comfort to your Daily Sleep


A duvet or doona’s a cover is used as blanket. It is a soft a bag filled with feather or down or sometimes both. Initially, in Europe it was prepared from Eder duck’s feather, because it was a good insulator. With time, people have switched to many synthetic products to avoid any kind of harm to animals. Thus, slowly feather was avoided and cotton or down was used to fill the bag. This also kept it soft and mushy.

In Australia, duvets are called as doonas which is derived from the word ‘dunn’ that means down feathers. The name is registered with the Tontine Company, but in Norwegian and Danish it is called as dyne which is again pronounced like doona. Before doona, the duvets cover was commonly called as continental quilt in Australia. Its origin is from Europe, but by the 20th Century the whole world started liking the concept of getting rid of making the bed, by simply covering it with duvet, and is now worldwide famous.

There may be many fancy colours and fabrics shown to you by the store person. You might get attracted to bright colours and the glow from fabric. However, one should know that during late night when you’re in deep sleep, your body generates heat. If you’re covered with a blanket that retains heat and doesn’t regulate it, then it can be harmful for your body. That is why mattress, pillow, bed sheet and blankets, all should be of good quality that doesn’t make you restless in your sleep.

Here are some good quality products that we are talking about –

  • Percale cotton
  • Egyptian, Pima and Supima cotton
  • Organic cotton
  • Silk
  • Flannel
  • Blends

Percale cotton

Percale is similar to muslin with a thread count of 180 to 200. It is light weight and has fine texture. It lasts for years and due to its weight, it can be cleaned every week which also makes it durable. Being cotton fabric, it allows heat to regulate within the blanket and help you sleep comfortably.

Egyptian, Pima and Supima cotton

These three cotton fabrics have high texture of thread count that is 200 to 300.  As the number of thread-count increases, the fabric becomes softer and cosier. All the three fabrics are prepared from extra lengthy fibres that make it soft and durable. However, it is difficult to determine the original kind of cotton even if the store person claims. Supima cotton is stronger that helps in covering a person who tosses a lot in his or her sleep.

Organic Cotton

It contains less synthetic, chemicals and allergens. This makes it purely beneficial for those who have sensitive skin. It is easy to wash and any kind of smell goes away immediately after one wash. Since it is organic cotton, therefore its natural fibre helps in comforting an individual.


Silk is the most reined and costlier fabric that is sued to prove elegance. Silk robes are worn by elite class as it’s the most expensive fabric. The satin touch soothes your skin every time when it slips on your body. Since it is an expensive fabric, therefore it is avoided to be washed at home and is often dry cleaned. Thus, even though you love silk, do remember that its maintenance is expensive.


Flannel is a combination of cotton and wool. Thus, it keeps you warm in cold night. It can be washed in washing machine because it is wrinkle free. However, avoid taking it in summers because of its fabric that can make you sweat a lot.


Some people generally go for cheaper options that is reasonable and within their budget. In such case, you can always go for a blend of cotton and polyester or cotton and rayon. They are also wrinkle free and durable. It might keep you warm at night, but you can always cover yourself half or switch on your fan or air conditioner.

However, getting cheaper product can reduce the quality and durability. This can result in another purchase within next two years. Hence, it is wise to go for good quality fabric for once and use it for a longer time.

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