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Risks In Storage Unit: Types And Consequences For Job Security


In this article, we talk about the risks in the warehouse: the different existing types and the consequences of these for the job security of storage units workers in their daily work.

Risks In The Storage Unit

The physical conditions of the Unit , the characteristics of the premises and the terms of the same (we refer to lighting, cleanliness, order, temperature or signaling) can affect the health of the personnel who work there in a negative way.

On the other hand, we must take into account that we have to distinguish between different types of security in the storage unit: physical security, environmental safety, and safety in the work environment.

It is essential to know the risks that derive from the physical conditions of the unit, that is, the particular characteristics of the premises, and what are the security measures that must be implemented to avoid or reduce those risks.

Let’s see the different types of risks in the warehouse to which the workers of the same are exposed in their daily work.

Security Risks

About safety risks, workplaces (spaces, installations) and work equipment (machines, tools, transport equipment) are considered as risk factors.

The risks to the safety of a storehouse are related to accidents.

Hygiene Risks

About hygienic risks, physical contaminants (noise, vibrations), chemicals (chemical substances and preparations) and biological agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, and protozoa) are considered as risk factors. Hygiene risks in a storage unit are related to occupational diseases.

Environmental Risks

About environmental risks, lighting, temperature, ventilation, surface, cleaning of the complete installation is considered as risk factors.

Physical Loading Risks

About the risks of physical loading, efforts, postures, or load handling are considered as risk factors. The dangers of physical loading in a warehouse are directly related to the worker’s physical fatigue.

Mental Load Risks

About the risks of mental load, the speed of decision-making, attention. The dangers of mental loading in a storage units are directly related to the worker’s mental fatigue. Get more information here.

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