In today world safety is the biggest challenge for everyone. People are not feeling safe if they have anything expensive with them. So according to that most safety is required in banks where people are coming with all his wealth. So that’s why the security of these places is also very tight. If we see in banks we saw multiple guards working day night having a close look on regular activities. Along with that, the sops of banks are also very strict they do not go for any activities which did not allow by headquartering facilitating their customer.

Alongside they are following all these things but the threat is always there because they deal in cash and it is very easy to manipulate with cash items. So that’s why they put extra security on it. Like they safes in the bank where they put their daily base amount. So what we think that safe is easy to operate or someone can easily steal from it. No way are these save customized nature of saves and many companies deal in custom built gun safes manufacturing so these safes are made on the different mechanism which save it from any kind of dangerous activity. The only reason to invest so much on these safes to make sure their customers. That their amount is in safe hands and they can trust on their bank and can do business with that bank easily. Here we discuss some types of a gun safe.

Types of Safes:

Liberty Centurion:

For quite a long while now, the Centurion has been made in the USA. Sadly its 14 measure steel doesn’t meet the RSC-I development prerequisites, which determine 12 checks thick body steel. Since these are not RSCs, you’re likely happier venturing up to the USA Series (underneath) or running with a weapon safe option.

The 14 measure Centurion is impeccable, however, for a shabby imitation firearm safe. The base models have a UL recorded S&G 6741 mechanical dial lock.

The new Centurion comes in 12, 18, and 24 weapon sizes. Current creation Centurions (clarified underneath) don’t meet the UL RSC necessities, yet are endorsed by the California DOJ. The present generation “American made” Centurions are valued from $550 to $750 for 12, 18, and 24 models.

A long time back, inheritance Liberty Centurion models were 12 measure RSC-Is. Old Centurion RV17 and RV20 models were made in China and sold at huge box stores. Freedom additionally used to make both a Chinese-made Centurion and an American-made Revere, both named RV20, yet sold through various stores. At this point, these old Centurions ought to have all gotten out of stores.

Freedom USA/Revere:

The following stage up from the Centurion is Liberty’s USA Series, which are RSC-I recorded. They come in 23, 30, and 48 firearm sizes. These are made in the USA with 12 check steel.

The USA line seems to have supplanted the Revere line, which you’ll presumably still keep running crosswise over in stores. Revere’s, similar to the RV23 and RV30, have dependably been American-made weapon safes, and are proportional to the USA Series. The befuddling American Revere RV20 was suspended years back.

The American-made Liberty USA models begin at around $950 for the USA-25 and $1,200 for the USA-48. These Liberty USA models are the best esteem firearm safe.