Rotary Vs Foil Shaver – Which is Better For You


The most common hair removal tool, many of us have probably used is the manual shaving razor. Despite it being pretty easy and elaborate to use, it has a lot of let downs and limitations, thus the need for the electric shaver.

The electric shaver can be broadly classified in two, a rotary shaver and a foil shaver.

What is the difference between a basic rotary shaver and foil shaver? 

A Rotary Shaver

The shaver has curved-perforated outer casing forming a stationary guard whiles a blade that rotates inside at a distance from the outer casing. It creates a scissor action such that when hair passes through the openings, it is cut. However, there are different variations to the rotary shaver but the basic working principle is similar.

A Foil Shaver

The shaver uses two flat blades teethed on the peripherals, where one of the blades oscillates relative to the stationary blade. The motion creates a scissors action between the teeth, which cuts the hair.

Which is an ideal shaver for you, the foil or the rotary shaver?

There is no outright answer to this question. However, below are some of the questions you would need to consider before settling for the right electric shaver for you.

  • How often do you shave?
  • How is skin sensitivity?
  • How coarse or soft is your hair?
  • What is the precision required?
  • What is your skin texture, regular or tough skin?
  • What technique used and body area contour?

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The rotary shaver is ideal for persons that:

  • Perfect for those who do not intend to shave every day.
  • It is recommended for those with a less sensitive skin as it has a tendency to pull on the long hairs.
  • It is ideal for those with coarse body hair as it cut through the denser and coarse hair at a height with ease
  • A good option for those that are not after precision, just a subtle or uniform shave especially for the head or the beard.
  • It fits best for those with a tougher skin, preferably those that have prevision shaved and developed a tolerant skin to irritation because it is more likely to pull and rub on the skin.
  • It is best for those with many body contours that need careful navigation to avoid aftershave burns.

The foil type shaver is ideal for those:

  • The best option for regular shavers, say on a daily basis.
  • An ideal option for those with oversensitive skin as it has less hair pulling and has a cleaner haircut, which is kinder to the skin.
  • The best option for those after precision, especially around the facial and head hair
  • It is a bit kinder to the skin thus can be used on a regular or tender skin with fewer irritations afterward
  • The shaver cut hairs best when it moves against the hair grain for a cleaner shave. It, however, requires a careful approach to avoid bruising the skin or pulling on hairs.

Why get an electric shave in lieu a razor shaver

  • Cost

To the common eye, an electric shaver might seem like a huge investment at first compared to the razor option, but with simple calculations, the cost of buying razor shaver cartilages now and then and disposing of them in after a few uses can add to huge costs cumulatively.

  • Adjustable trimming

An electric shaver has better uniformity especially while looking to trim the hair short or shape it. A razor, on the other hand, can only give a clean shaver.

  • A comfortable shave

Compared to a razor, the electric shaver has less contact with the skin, which limits the level of bruising to the skin. The results are less after shaving burns and irritation than a razor shave that makes actual contact with the skin thus inevitable skin burns and irritation. It is kinder to the sensitive skins.

  • Time-saving

An electric shaver shortens the shaving periods, as it is a way quicker compared to a razor. With a razor, caution is taken to avoid any skin bruising like an application of a shaving cream and slow shaving strokes whilst the shaver hardly causes any skin bruises if the right technique is employed.

Final Words about Rotary Vs Foil Shaver

With the information above, I hope that when shopping for your shaver, the selection will be more objective to ensure you get the best shaver there is on the market for the fairest price.


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