In order to be hired for janitorial service, you will have to carry out operations and works aimed at carpentry, sanitary installations, cleaning and more – essentially creating optimal conditions for others to work in.

Some of the job objectives in the above-mentioned fields:

  • Carrying out maintenance and repair
  • Performing maintenance, repair and replacement works in joinery, plumbing, electrical installations and others

As an employee, you will be responsible for the proper operation of the items and equipment you own, and you will not be allowed to remove inventory items in the management of the institution.

You will permanently track and remedy any malfunctions occurring throughout the period in which you will be employed in the field of janitorial service.

You will have to plan your schedule carefully, avoiding delays and departures during working hours.

You will be obligated to respect the reception and solving of the tasks set by the management of the institution, hierarchically, within the limits of the professional competencies you will have.

With regard to interpersonal relationships and communication, you will establish and maintain professional relationships with all the staff of the institution, avoiding the creation of unwanted problems and you will have a polite attitude.

You are forbidden to drink alcohol, to use vulgar language or indulge in inappropriate violent behavior during work hours.

You will comply with the legislation in force specific to your own actions, and also comply with the legislation on health and safety. You might also be called upon to provide first aid in emergencies, so it helps to be prepared for such a situation.

Regarding the specific regulations and procedures, you will be required to keep the confidentiality of the information and service records, respecting the principles underlying the institution’s workplace activity.

Working conditions of the post:

  • Your work schedule: 8 hours/day, or 40 hours a week;
  • The material conditions (displacements, environmental conditions, costume or compulsory uniform, as the case may be); you will have to wear protective equipment and also to the right gear to operate indoors or outdoors, as applicable.