In the modern world, there is a lot of women whose business is associated with trips, including those to foreign countries. Often such trips can involve a clear or hidden danger, especially challenging for women. According to statistics, every third woman has been subjected to violence at least once in her life, so ladies need to be extra careful in unfamiliar places while traveling. Below, there is a list of rules that will help avoid various troubles and dangerous situations.

  1. Limit alcohol intake, especially when you are not in a hotel room, but surrounded by strangers, even if new acquaintances seem to be completely reliable.
  2. Find a company. For example, if you arrive at a hotel or rented apartment by taxi, then ask the driver to leave only after your entering the premise. In case of a crisis, the driver may help or call the police.
  3. Learn a little about cultural peculiarities of the country you are going to. Pay special attention to unspoken rules, as their non-observance may cause trouble.
  4. Take a taxi by calling it from a hotel room. Do not catch a ride just on the street.
  5. Do not take drinks from someone else’s hands, if this is an open bottle or you have not seen how the drink was poured into a glass.
  6. Always carry your documents and their duplicates, but do not put them in a wallet. The wallet can be stolen, and you need documents to contact your consulate in case of an unforeseen situation.
  7. Find out where a consulate and embassy of your country are located to know where to seek help in case of trouble.
  8. Do not enter an elevator with strangers if you have any doubts about them.
  9. If you are eating not alone, but with your colleagues, then after meals, try to go outside with them, especially at night.
  10. If there is a sudden conflict with a stranger, try to end the conversation and be as close to other people as possible.
  11. Use a special personal alarm service to call for help in an unexpected situation.
  12. Try not to offend locals even accidentally. To that end, get acquainted with the cultural background of the country you are visiting.
  13. If you were attacked or got to other dangerous situations, try and immediately contact the police, a healthcare institution and your embassy or consulate.

These simple rules will make your trips enjoyable, profitable and as safe as possible.