Santamedical Launched Dual Channel Tens Unit on Walmart


You can now enjoy living a comfortable life free from all kinds of body pain when you own the Dual Channel Tens Unit. Gurin Products has announced that they have now launched the Dual Channel TENS or EMS unit on the popular online store, Walmart. According to the manufacturer, this Santamedical pain relieving massager can offer excellent pain relief for the patients at the comfort of their home. it is a pocket sized Tens unit that can be carried easily anywhere you go, as it has a portable design. It is a natural, safe and proven choice to lower the pain, improves overall health, makes your muscle very fresh and rejuvenated and promotes blood blow.

How the Tens unit by Santamedical works?

This Tens Unit Electronic Pulse Massager can be used as a therapy device and is capable of rejuvenating body muscles by sending electrical pulses of low voltage through your skin to reach the nerve fibres. This activity of the Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS unit helps in blocking the pain in the pathways of nerves and kindles the secretion of endorphin.

He Electric Muscle Stimulation or EMS unit by Santamedical brand relieves body pain by passing electrical pulses of low voltage via the skin for stimulating the healthy muscles and facilitates the motion range while promoting the rate of blood circulation.

Special features of Dual Channel Tens unit

Before you proceed to shop for the Handheld Pulse Massager at the Walmart store, make sure you know about its exceptional features to reap full benefits.

  • This Tens unit comes with an adjustable timer, 8 preset TENS program, independent intensity controls, 2 channel operation and to preset EMS programs.
  • This EMS unit has a huge LED display to help the user know when it is on the time remaining for a session and the intensity level.
  • The adjustable timer can perform from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, as it is open to customization.
  • It saves battery using its auto shut off for 60 minutes.

Company Name: Gurin Products, LLC

Brand Name: Santamedical / Gurin

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