Saving On Car Insurance In Los Angeles


There are several ways to save on car insurance in Los Angeles, some of which you can undertake on your own and some that require the help of an experienced agent. Explore your options before deciding on a policy, and consider the impact your choices may have on later expenses.

Bundling Policies and Insuring Multiple Cars

Many insurance agencies offer automobile, homeowners and other policies, and you should consider getting multiple policies from the same company. Some companies offer discounts when you bundle polices that can add up to hundreds of dollars a year. You can also save money by having the same agency cover multiple vehicles in your family, or your home and work vehicles.

Be a Good Driver

This might seem like common sense, but people may rack up what seem like small violations over time that impact their driving record. A poor driving record is one of the factors that raise your insurance rates. If you already have a less-than-stellar driving record, talk to your agent about whether taking a driving class can lower your rates. You will likely have to pay for the class, but that cost could be very low when compared to years of higher car insurance premiums.

Increase Your Deductible

If you are a good driver, consider raising your deductible in order to bring down the monthly cost of your insurance policy. Be careful when making this move, as it means you will have to pay more out-of-pocket if you do get in an accident. Consider moving some of your insurance savings into your bank account and leave it there for emergencies. When you are comfortable with the amount in that fund, you can pocket the monthly savings on your policy.

Look Over Your Existing Policy

Sit down with an agent and go through the insurance coverage you already have. If you have had your policy for some time, there may be things in there that you no longer need such as rental insurance or roadside coverage that you have since acquired elsewhere.

Pay In Advance

Many insurance companies offer discounts if you pay for all or half of your yearly insurance premiums up-front. It may seem like a big expense, but keep in mind that unless something out of the ordinary happens your insurance policy is a yearly expense that happens to be paid monthly. It only makes sense to cut that yearly cost.

Don’t go it alone when looking for ways to reduce the cost of your car insurance in Los Angeles. Use a professional whose job is to get you the best policy to suit your needs.


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