Segmentation is an Entre-weapon! Are you using it right?



I am fond of movies, cause I like to look at the pretty stars out there; You may like them to dig out all the action, subject- matter,etc. Perhaps, even your kith and kinslike it, for the dialogues the comedic essence or the emotional resonance.

We all end up liking the same thing, But the approach differs.

The same pattern is the essence of entrepreneurship. You will encounter such similar patternswhile incorporating a business entity. Once you form a company, such as private limtied company then you ought to know that all the customers you get come from different paths and for different motives.

The key to tackling all the customers at once is ‘market segmentation’. Different marketing messages resonate with various target markets.

# Create

First things first, create a detailed customer persona. Get the basics sorted what does each person wants or needs. Know your customers as you know your best friend, intimately.

While dealing with either B2B or B2C customers, apart from the personal details you should retrieve the following information:

  • Their decision-making abilities and drivers
  • Their challenges and obstacles and budgets
  • Their source of information: social media, newspapers, industry publications, blogs
  • Their time allocation on the internet

Once this is compiled, now strategize to safeguard your brand and market to each one. Formulate various marketing message for each customer. Simply strike on the specific pain areas, make them feel special; tell them the product is just for them and not for everyone.

Cause if it’s for the use of everyone, the reality is NO one will use it.

#Compiling Issues

Is it tough to test and track customer persona?

The deal is, keep it simple. Offer your content of value for free download who are ready to sign up on your landing pages. Take the help of social media handles, but make sure that the freebie appeals specifically to the buyer’s persona.

Link the sign-ups with the persona profiles to create the targeted marketing list. Craft your emails to pitch different messages to engage each segment of the target audience.



There are various types of market segmentation:

  • Geographic: Target the customers state-wise or countrywide depending on the topography
  • Socio-Economic: Divide the customers who are status savvy and are ready to pay more for quality products
  • Early Birds: Segregate the ones who desire to the first few proud owners of the latest tech gadgets or products
  • Family Orientation: Differ in buying habits and varied disposable income.
  • Social values: Segregate the environmental and health conscious freaks who prefer everything organic from the rest.

And much more.

# Engagement

You have come half way through; the final stride is to sketch the right engagement scenario for the persona. Formulate atleast three to four different ways to approach your target personas.

You can outreach in the form of content, presentations or a sample product, simply engage the customers to start building relationships.

Gradually, when you start to grow, you might add on to your product line. Don’t fret;simply go back to your personas to drill down the details to align the products.

The ultimate discretionary powers are with you to decide how you want to segment your target customers. After all, they are your new best friends!

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