Nowadays, people interested in erotic massages are offered a variety of services. With the help of those, it’s easy to make all the desires come true and realize even the wildest fantasies. For gay men, gay massage services are also provided. Those are a great chance for single gays to feel loved and enjoy tender caressing of another gay who really enjoys giving erotic massages. Erotic gay massage can be enjoyed in SweetTouch in Valencia. Experienced male masseurs will satisfy all the wishes of any client.

Gay massage: key elements

The first key element of a good gay male massage is a complete understanding between partners. For a man, it’s much easier to understand another man. Besides, male masseurs better know what to do to please the client, while females know it only theoretically: their bodies are different. 

Another important thing that must be paid attention to is the proper atmosphere. It’s always important, but it’s crucial if a man has come to experience gay massage for the first time. Candles, plenty of lube for warming up (and for a prostate massage, if the man wants it), warm room are necessary.

Few men, much fewer women, realize that a man is able to experience two types of orgasm. The first is stimulating the penis, and this method is well known to everyone. The second is prostate stimulation. And, as men say, the orgasm they achieve via prostate stimulation is several times stronger than from stimulation of the penis. Male masseurs are masters of prostate caressing. 

Nowadays, two types of gay massages are offered: sensual and erotic. Some are confused because of it, as they don’t understand the difference. Let’s get to know more about it.

Erotic or sensual: what to choose?

Sensual and erotic gay massages have many similarities. The main one is that both end with an orgasm. But there are also some slight differences, that make some men desire this or that type more. 

So, sensual massage is characterized by the following:

  • Paying attention to energy; breathing, smallest movements, and reactions of a client are paid attention to.
  • Gentle and delicate caressing.
  • More attention is paid to the spiritual side, senses are evoked, which makes men aroused even without stimulating erogenous areas.
  • The masseur works on muscles and the entire body, paying less attention to the penis, testicles, and other sensitive areas.

The peculiarities of an erotic procedure are the following:

  • Maximal attention is paid to erogenous zones. Penis, testicles, prostate are being caressed actively.
  • The goal is sexual satisfaction, while sensual massage satisfies the soul as well. 
  • Muscles are paid less attention; the focus is on sexual satisfaction.
  • Sex toys may be used if the client wants them.

In SweetTouch Valencia, an incredible selection of the most popular sensual and erotic procedures can be found. No matter what you are looking for: a tender lingam massage, slippery nuru massage, or a relaxing body-to-body procedure – everything can be found in SweetTouch luxurious agency. Gay male massage is also available, so if you are interested, come try it!