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Seven Reasons to Use Duvet Covers


A stunning bedroom must have a beautiful bed which is the centrepiece, and will always be the first thing which will draw the eye. You may have stunning furniture however with a messy or distasteful bed, none of the other things matter.

While choosing a gorgeous bed, you are only left with two choices:

  • Duvet cover
  • Duvet comforter

Both these options will offer design, comfort and practicality.

What Is Duvet Cover?

Duvet Cover which is made of variety of fabric will work like giant pillowcase for the comforter. It is just a simple slipcover which generally has a zipper or button enclosure for holding the comforter in its place and guards it from getting soiled.

If you want versatility, style, affordability and much more then it is the only best choice for the bedroom. Following are the top 7 reasons why you need duvet cover immediately.

  1. Variety

You can get duvet covers in variety of designs and styles from Logan Mason stores. They are made from almost all types of fabric and come in different range of look.

You may find duvet covers which offer clean-lined hotel look or pintuck textured look. Your options are endless.

  1. Affordability

Comforters may always be expensive. You are not only paying for its design, but also paying for its batting and fill. On the contrary, duvet covers generally are priced much lesser as all you are paying is only for the fabric.

Therefore, you can affordably and easily redecorate the bedroom for every season by choosing new duvet cover. It can be the perfect option if someone within a budget wants to remain stylish.

  1. Versatility

Since duvet covers can just be light fabric pieces but you have much more options. During the summer months, you can just remove your heavy down comforter easily and simply use your cool and light duvet cover until again it gets cold.

Easy to clean

Did you ever try washing your comforter? Firstly, it is almost impossible fitting the entire thing into your washing machine and also drying will be an absolute nightmare. By having a duvet cover, there will be no more cleaning worries.

  1. Protection

Comforters can always get dirty howsoever careful you may be. Since, you have to remain in the bedroom, and which means your body dirt, oil, food, make-up, drink and more will collect on the comforter until your once beautiful design that you had chosen gets hidden behind the muck.

Duvet covers can protect your expensive investment. With duvet cover, you may buy an expensive comforter and never worry about tears and stains.

  1. Maximum comfort

Many comforters may not be that comfortable. Usually that is because most of the time stores will be more worried about great design which they skimp on its filling. Having a duvet cover, no need to worry.

No problem what it may look like you can always find the most comfortable comforter. Then, hide it inside duvet cover which fits your design and style.

  1. Storage space

If every year you prefer for your bedroom multiple look by storing 3 or 4 comforters then it will take up a lot of space. Even for roomiest linen closet it can be lots of fluff to store inside.

However, when you prefer duvet covers, then you only need just 1 comforter that will stay on your bed for year-round. Also, your storage space will be used for holding a rotation of number of duvets covers.

These covers do not need more space than just a sheet.

Next time if you are ready to give your bedroom a real fresh look, then think before you purchase and select a duvet cover. Surely, it will be your right choice both in your short as well as long run.

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