Sex Addiction: What is it and Why Teletherapy Helps


Sex is a perfectly normal part of human nature, and there’s nothing wrong with having a strong libido. However there is a line between a healthy sexual appetite and being addicted to sex – and crossing it can be very detrimental if you don’t get treatment.

Signs of Sex Addiction

Unlike normal sexual behavior, sex addiction is the compulsive need to perform sexual acts. It typically manifests in several ways:

  • Excessive masturbation that can cause physical injury.
  • Frequent promiscuity and one-night stands.
  • Compulsively watching pornography.
  • Numerous acts of marital infidelity.
  • Making use of prostitutes on a regular basis.
  • Voyeurism, exhibitionism, or other fetishes.
  • Willingly having unsafe sex.
  • Engaging in frequent cybersex or sexting.

If you suffer from sex addiction, you will find that your sexual urges are uncontrollable. In fact even if you do want to stop, you may not be able to – despite multiple attempts.

Negative Impact of Sex Addiction

Just like any other addiction, sex addiction has a very severe negative impact. Some of the more common issues that it causes are:

  • Decline in personal relationships making them distant or broken.
  • Feelings of anxiety or depression.
  • Physical conditions such as HPV, HIV, genital herpes, syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).
  • Suicidal thoughts and tendencies.
  • Decreased focus and overall productivity.

All in all, the negative impact of sex addiction can affect your career, relationships, health and lifestyle. If you aren’t careful, it could end up resulting in other serious problems that are difficult to manage.

Seeking Help for Sex Addiction

Because of how serious the negative impact can be, it is important that you seek help if you feel that you suffer from sex addiction. People often avoid seeking help because they feel ashamed or embarrassed – but you should try not to. It may help to remember that you are not alone, and there are many others who suffer from sex addiction too.

If you want to get help to manage your sex addiction, you could try Novus Mindful Life that offers professional sex addiction therapy. Their mental health professionals specialize in counseling sex addiction, and will guarantee to keep what you say completely confidential.

Nowadays Novus Mindful Life even offers online counseling and teletherapy, which has advantages of its own.

4 Benefits of Teletherapy for Sex Addiction

Teletherapy may be a relatively recent innovation, but it is one that provides numerous benefits for anyone suffering from sex addiction. In fact there are five benefits in particular that truly stand out:

1. Flexible scheduling that makes it convenient for you to arrange appointments to fit your lifestyle.

2. Secure and confidential environment that consists of just you and the mental health professional.

3. Saves time on travel and waiting as you can stay at home and simply connect at the appointed time.

4. Increased comfort and privacy due to the fact that you’ll be in your own home and feel safer.

See how beneficial teletherapy can be? If you’re convinced, why not put in a call to Novus Mindful Life at  562-431-5100 and schedule an online therapy or phone session right now.

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