The roads of Ottawa are well travelled with over half a million licensed drivers. Some find their way through the landmarks of Canada including the historic Chateeau Laurier, the stunning Rideau Canal, and the Parliament Hill. There are two main high way corridors in Ottawa, the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Road 174 and the 417 (Queensway).

Apart from having the fourth largest population in the nation, some of the safest roads in Canada can be found in Ottawa. This does not imply that you do not need protection when driving in this city. As in every case, defensive driving is important and it is equally important to have the right auto insurance plan.

In Canada, the roads of Ottawa are among the safest. Despite the increased number of drivers in Ottawa in the last 30 years, efforts from many non-governmental agencies and all levels of government have reduced serious injuries and traffic fatalities in the City by 50%.

If you think you’ve seen it all, you’ve not seen anything yet; look downwards – much of the city is beneath the ground level. Ottawa has an extensive city underground with an underground passageway in the business district downtown, a rapid transit line and tunnel networks through Carleton University.  

Canadians are aware that they must have auto insurance cover. The minimum required coverage differs from one province to another and individuals can add to the cost depending on their particular needs.

When it has to do with car insurance in Canada, many are paying far more than what they should be paying. This is because they don’t shop. The reason why they don’t shop is because many think that for auto insurance companies, the price they are currently paying is the same they would pay in other cities. The sad fact is that these categories of persons who do not make out time to shop for rates are losing big time.

A study was conducted way back in 2006 which surveyed 8000 visitors who used the internet for cheap car insurance quotes in Ottawa, Canada. Based on the same insurance cover, each visitor was given a rate from the 10 most competitive insurance companies in Canada. The result revealed that the rates differ by anaverage of over $900. That’s a staggering difference and definitely makes it worthwhile to begin to have a second though about insurance coverage and shopping for insurance. It also refutes the misconception that all insurance firms are the same and their rates do not vary for the same coverage.

It is a fact that insurance quotes for automobiles can vary greatly and it is only when you take out time to shop for rates that you will not pay too much. Just the same way you shop for computers, houses, cars and deals on furniture; you can also shop for the best car insurance rate.

Take time out of your busy schedule and ensure you are not among those who spend too much for auto insurance. Get an auto insurance quote from Shop Insurance Canada and keep your money in your pocket.