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Should You DIY Your Deck or Hire Professional Builders in Sydney?


While Melbourne and Perth are starting to lay claim as the most livable city, Sydney remains the undaunted financial and commercial heart of Australia. Outsiders may immediately notice the chaos and traffic, but Sydneysiders will tell you that you need to be attuned to its vibe and rhythm before finally valuing what the city can offer. More than the iconic and heritage sights, the planners manage to blend both progress and the need to protect the environment. 

Indeed, homeowners can appreciate the act that the skyscrapers exist side by side with green spaces, parks, blooms, and mature trees that dot the city’s streets. They like to give back by also caring for their community and also making sure their homes have plenty of curb appeal.

Decks are a staple in some Sydney homes because Australians love to socialise. But you should contact deck builders in Sydney if you are going to list your home anytime soon. 

According to Domain.com, adding a deck is an excellent investment because of the curb appeal. Realtors and real estate developers believe that you can add another $100,000 to the asking price of your home.

DIY or Professional Deck Builder: Which One Should You Choose?

You may have seen these home improvement shows on cable TV and think to yourself, “It looks very simple. I can do that.”

But you know why they can make it look simple? Because they are contractors who have extensive experience in the industry. If you are not handy with tools or carpentry, it would be not easy to replicate the finished product you see on the screen. 

Please consider the following:

1. Cost

The only thing you save when you DIY the deck would be the labour costs since you are providing sweat equity. But then you have to think about the other costs, as well. If you are taking time off from work to build your deck, then compute your daily salary with the labour charge. If the difference is not that vast, perhaps it is more effective to hire professional deck builders in Sydney instead.

2. Time

When you DIY a project, a lot of your time is wasted on figuring out how to do the job. It would help if you studied how you use the tools, then make sure that you have precise measurements to avoid wasting the materials. Will you be working on the deck on weekends, when you do not have work? How long before you can finish the deck? A lot of home projects remained unfinished because the homeowners do not have the patience to see them through. 

3. A narrow margin for error

The primary motivation for a DIY project is to save on cost. But your expenses will quickly rack up with every mistake you make. With every mistake comes frustration, and you will become more careless because the job is taking a lot more time than you anticipate.

In the end, you will swallow your pride and end up doing what you are supposed to do in the first place: contact professionals to finish the job. A deck may cost you between $3,000 and $10,000 in Sydney, although the builders give an estimate by the total square metre of the deck. You are looking at between $160 and $230 per square metre. Lastly, do not think of your deck as an expense but rather an investment. It is not as painful when you consider the value it adds to your home. 

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