Should You Hire a Divorce Lawyer?


Till death do us part!  That is a wish on every newly marrieds’ lips but that does not happen in everyone’s life. If the biter moment finally arrives, the first thing to decide is if you really need the help of a divorce attorney. The answer depends on your particular situation as well as the divorce laws of the state you live in.

The less you depend on the divorce lawyer and courts for a suitable solution, the more smoothly the procedure will be. Keep on reading the blog to enrich your knowledge and make an intelligent decision.

You can do without a lawyer

If you and your spouse can iron out the differences in your opinions on some crucial matters such as custody of or support for children, property division etc., it will save you time and money in the long run. You may call in a neutral third-party mediator for an amicable solution in serious matters.

By working together, the couple is able to find a quick solution without a lawyer’s intervention. In that case, the next step is to approach the court for granting a divorce in writing. Amicable divorce is now a preferred choice for many couples who want to end their marriage and the courts in many states respond positively.

Some states don’t even require the couples to hire an attorney or attend the court to finalize their appeal for a divorce in case of uncontested divorces. Still, it is always better to hire an efficient and experienced Family lawyer for smooth processing of divorce application.

Don’t allow tension to engulf you

Divorce, due to its complex nature, usually adds fuel to strong emotions. Unfortunately, a divorce lawyer’s intervention into the matter only exacerbates the situation instead of offering a permanent solution in many cases.

If you have no way but to hire a lawyer to take charge of your divorce affair, only go to the right attorney instead of choosing just anyone. Ask the lawyer some crucial questions at your first meeting to make sure that he is the right person up to your work.

The divorce lawyers are infamous for being aggressive advocates of their clients’ interests and some of them even take the minor issues to the courts instead of out-of-court settlement even if the latter is very much a viable solution. Make your priorities clear during consultation to understand the attorney’s attitude.

If your spouse has hired a lawyer who has a reputation of battling out the most trivial issues in the court, you should not simply give it up. Instead, pay your partner back in the same coin because that is the only way to defend your interest. In such cases, divorce ends up being uglier than expected and it may cost both you and your spouse a lot of money. Possibility of heavy expenses often brings many couples, who were at odds, back to the settlement table.

A couple seeking a divorce is not allowed to use the same lawyer from the law office of Amanda Cook due to multiple ethical rules that an attorney is obliged to adhere to during his professional practice. However, joint representation is allowed in some exceptional cases including:

  • The spouses agreeing to the major issues during the divorce
  • The spouses showing confidence in resolving the minor issues
  • The spouses giving their consent to joint representation in writing
  • The spouses wishing the lawyer to draft the necessary paperwork

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