It is a tough call to decide whether you will allow your kids to take their smartphone to school. You understand the need to communicate with them using a phone. However, you also see the downside of using one since they could lose focus on their studies. Therefore, you go back and forth concerning this issue.

In 2019, the digital penetration in our everyday lives have necessitated more and more interaction with things on the internet. You cannot blame the kids for being too integrated with the internet. They are just learning from their parents and elders.

This means that right from the start of their day to the end, kids are exposed to the internet through some device or the other. Smart Televisions, personal computers, tablets, Home Assistant Devices, and many other contribute to making kids aware of the internet at a very early age.

The advantages

You allow your kids to use their phones at school for safety purposes. When they need your help for whatever reason, they can call you any time. You can also ensure that they are doing well. Another reason is that when you have responsible kids, they know how to use their phones for educational purposes. If they do not understand specific information, they can look it up online and move forward with their studies.

One of the primary reasons that parents allow kids to have cell phones is for ensuring their safety. Most parents install location detection apps on their kids’ phones. This helps them track their location from time to time. You know your kid takes a certain route every day. If he or she digresses, or is in some danger, the app helps by signalling you about the digression, This helps you take preventive steps in case of any danger.

The downside

The problem is that your kids could use their phones for many other things that have nothing to do with what they are learning at school. Video games could be addictive. If they have internet access, it is possible for them to find information that you do not want them to see. They could also spend their time browsing their social media pages. In short, their phones serve as a distraction from doing things that are more important.

The internet along with social media is contributing to increased mental health issues in teenagers. They feel a lot of pressure because of their lives continuously being lived under a public glare. They want to compete, maintain their status, and show off that they are happy at all times. This forces them to be happy at all times, even though they can just be themselves. The pressure gets too much to handle at times resulting in breakdowns and burnouts.

This takes a toll on their mental health and creates issues of depression in teenagers and young adults. Cyber bullying and harassment is one major issue that is becoming rampant amongst teenagers and school kids. Cyber bullying is very dangerous for kids as it drains them emotionally, mentally and physically as well. There are numerous reports of how kids are losing their self-respect and self-esteem by exposing their personal lives on the internet.

Make the right choice

If you don’t know what to do in regard to this issue, the first thing you need to do is to talk to the school. Understand their policy regarding the use of phones. Some schools allow parents to decide. Others let kids use phones but only for academic purposes, and only within the allotted time.

If you let your kids use their phones, you need to discuss it with them first. Let them know why you allow the use of phones, and for what purpose. You also need to talk about the possible threats of overusing phones. It is always important to treat kids with an adult and responsible mind-set. This means that having a healthy conversation about the use of cell phones, its pros and cons, will help you communicate the message in a better fashion.

Kids react negatively when things are thrust upon them. Parents should always try to make the kids understand that this is something that is important for them. The more open the channels of communication, the better will be the receptiveness of the idea.

You might allow the use of phones, but it comes with a set of rules. You need to tell them that responsibility is key if they want to continue using their phone. If you set a curfew, they need to observe it; otherwise, you will take away the privilege of using the phone. Remind your kids about the school policy too. Even if you allow them to take their phones with them, they need to respect what the school wants.

Be protective

Apart from setting rules, you also need to do other things to protect your child against the harm of using phones constantly. Since smartphones are electronic devices emitting radiation, there’s a chance that your child is exposed to it. You need to buy EMF protection products to ensure that radiation is blocked, and does not harm your child. You can buy such products in the form of jewellery or stones. Find one that suits your child. You can have one too since you continuously use your phone.

With harmful emissions and radiations being emitted from technological objects, this protective device will help your kids and you in a number of ways. It is a small thing, but given the number of hours you spend on your phone every day, it might be something crucial for you.

The good thing about allowing your child to use a phone at school is that you are also teaching responsibility. Phones are a part of their future and preventing your child from maximising the use of technology could be a terrible thing. Technology can be both empowering and overwhelming at the same time. By taking a balanced approach of the same you can help keep your kids protected and ensure their progress at the same time.