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Silestone has gone white in 2017


The classic materials that compose Silestone, are visually the most sought-after by architects, builders, and homeowners all over the world. This is because, a kitchen is one of the eminent places inside a home that always carries an air of happiness and offers to people a social space to spend quality time with family and friends.

An important ingredient of Silestone is quartz (composing 94%), which when combined with resins; produces a unique pattern on each surface.

To unleash the utmost potential out of nature-inspired Silestone surfaces, Cosentino has introduced marble interpretations in an Eternal White Collection to renew your home and office in 2017.

Despite the fact that they all have white tonality in common, the following products highlight several other aspects found exclusively in Silestone.

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme

Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme has an intense white surface. It redefines your home with poise and luxury. Its colour mixes with perfection and creativity. It is suitable for those who adore visual delicacy on a plain white background.

Silestone Eternal Calacatta Gold

Inspired by natural Calacatta Oro marble from Italy, Eternal Calacatta Gold is a precious stone with suggestive veining of grey and gold. It embodies artistic details on a rich white background.

Silestone Iconic White

Immutable white tone that endures the test of time and external forces. The purity of the Silestone Iconic White reinvents a natural feature to bring forth elegance.

Silestone Classic White

Classic White becomes luxurious with passing time. Genuine and minimalistic, you have the best out of marble and granite in one stone.

Silestone Lagoon

In terms of design, Lagoon stands apart and keeps the integrity of your décor. It is a homogeneous stone that looks fantastic as kitchen worktops, back splash, flooring, and others.

Silestone Lyra

Lyra comes in an off-white base with dainty veins suitable for traditional and sophisticated lifestyle. Meant for tough performance, its surface resists scratching and impact.

Silestone Snowy Ibiza

Snowy Ibiza brings the beauty of white snow. It creates warmth in the environment with a delicate white background, thereby inspiring designers and homeowners alike.

Silestone Niebla

Niebla consists of refined properties that add charisma to a flawless light grey with darker flecking all over the slabs. It is highly used for architectural, exterior, and interior designs.

Silestone White Storm

White Storm gives extravagance that fuses with any colour of your room to achieve a perfect match. It is available in a Polished and Suede finish.

Silestone Blanco Norte

The advanced technology of Silestone renders Blanco Norte practically free from maintenance. Blanco has a deep white tonality that does not require sealing, waxing or coating.

Silestone Eternal Statuario

An impressive eternal colour that lasts for decades, Statuario offers a dominant white with grey veins. It brings several benefits but most importantly, raising the value of your property.

Silestone Ariel

Ariel creates a semblance of ample space in spectacular grey veins and white background that reflects light. It comes in large format to decorate your entire home with the white Silestone Ariel.

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