Are you bored of looking forward to the same old bathroom every day? Well in that case your bathroom requires a quick makeover, after all it’s the first thing you look forward to before you start your day. So here are the 5 important tips to help you on how to decorate your bathroom. These tips will make sure that the same bathroom doesn’t really look the same anymore and plays a vital role of elevating your mood before the long day.

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Check out the given below 5 tips on how to decorate a bathroom

Paint: Painting your walls with one good paint which has sharp features and is therefore water resistant is one good move to bring that “change”. Get over the old paint even if it was the best during that time. Choose light colours as they make the bathroom look brighter and keep the darker ones reserved for accents. You are not only supposed to paint the walls but also the cabinets, doors and shelves. Best choice will be if you choose one particular theme and then decide on the colour of the paint.

Lights: – This is one of the most important change you need to make in your bathroom. As lighting plays a key role in the makeover session as it either glorifies or dishonours the look/theme of your bathroom. A Swedish study claims that perfect lighting works perfectly with the perfect choice of colour. It has a great move in affecting our moods. It is not such an expensive affair and helps to give a fresh view to the bathroom. Choose LED lights to avoid long bills and save good amount of energy too. Do not forget to be original.

Storage: If you are among the ones dealing with the space problem, then this one is for you. Don’t think of ways of expanding your bathroom space as it is one timely and expensive affair. So, look for more storage maximising ways for the same old bathroom. Use of the right hardware’s such as installation of Wall shelves (floating ones), Cabinets, pull out Drawers, adding a few classy baskets (cute ones are a bonus too) is what you actually need to create some space with the “same space”.

Wallpapers: Kindly get over unadorned walls, ceiling and floor. Be original with choosing over the right wallpaper as it may turn out to be something unique. Search for wallpapers over the net which you admire, and get a local printer do the printing job. A lot of people stick things of art and culture, flora and fauna and even their favourite objects on the walls. You can do the same thing but not just to the walls, also to your ceiling and floor that is a neon themed painting of moon and stars (an example) on the ceiling that glows in the dark and adhesive tiles for the floor.

Style: – Well this last tip is just concerned on the type you choose for your bathroom which is whether contemporary or modern or traditional. This one entirely depends on your taste and fashion and is entirely your own decision.

Lastly, we would like to suggest you to let some sunlight enter your bathroom and keep orchids as they are bathroom plants. Explore a range of bathrooms on the net or with your friends before you decide to remodel yours.

A great Bathroom can anytime rejuvenate your mood because it’s the only place where we land up to most of the time, and basically, it’s the first place where a person gets in after he/she is out from bed. So, bathroom does a great affair in enriching one’s mood.