Getting out together for a family bike ride is one of the very best ways of doing something fun and active during your spare time. This is a way of working out, bonding and enjoying some of the finest pleasures in life with the people you most love.

If you want to plan the perfect day out on your bikes then there are a few simple steps that will help you to get it just right every single time.

Plan an Interesting Route

An interesting route will ensure that everyone in the group enjoys the ride as much as possible. Why not look for a nice route that passes some places worth taking a look at?

This will help to keep the whole group looking out at the scenery and trying to spot the most interesting things on the way. A simple bike ride can turn into a terrific adventure when you can see all sorts of fun stuff along the way.

If you take a look at a map you should find some cycling routes near you with points of interest on them. If the best routes are far away then look at using professional towbar fitting service, so that you can take the bikes most of the way there easily.

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Take Along Some Snacks and Drinks

Don’t forget that people will get hungry and thirsty while out riding a bike. It is a wonderful form of exercise but it is important to keep everyone’s energy levels high.

This is why it can be seen as a great chance to have a nice picnic along the way. Ideally, you will plan the route wisely so that you know in advance where you can stop for something to eat and drink around the half-way mark.

Choosing some healthy drinks and snacks that give plenty of energy will allow you all to carry on pedalling for longer without their energy flagging. Alternatively, you could look for a family restaurant or café where you could stop for your food and drink.  

Don’t Over-Do it

One of the most difficult aspects of planning a family bike trip is that you probably all have different levels of energy and stamina. You certainly don’t want to over-do it and cause the younger members of the family to struggle to keep up with the pace.

If some of the kids are just starting out on this hobby then it makes sense to look for a flat and easy route that doesn’t demand too much of the cyclists. In this way, you can make sure that it is a cycling trip that everyone enjoys equally.

As your family gets fitter and more experienced in cycling you will find that it is easy to expand your horizons further and further. This is an exciting phase and will let you use your towbar bike carriers to ever greater effect on your trips.

Plan Some Games

It is also worth spending some thinking about some games to play while you are out. No matter how much the kid enjoy cycling, there is a chance that they get bored on longer trips if you don’t make an effort to keep them entertained.

Perhaps you will stop for some games on the way or maybe you will find a way of playing some fun road games while you are all riding along quiet lanes. Either way, it is a smart idea to always have a fun idea up your sleeve for when you see that energy levels are sagging a bit.

In this way, everyone will look forward to your future bike rides even more, because they know that some cool games are guaranteed.

Plan the Next One Right Away

When you get home it is likely that everyone in the group is going to be tired but excited. The first family cycling trip that you take together is sure to be a wonderful experience that you all want to talk about.

This is why it is a fantastic opportunity to plan the next adventure while this one is still fresh in everyone’s minds. Whether you settle down to the TV, a meal or a drink at home, this is the perfect moment to ask where they all want to go to next.

By seizing the moment like this you will soon make it a new family tradition that you come home and plan the next trip while discussing the one that has just ended.

If you follow these simple steps then you should see that going out cycling with your loved ones soon becomes a great hobby that brings you all a lot of joy from one on.