Simple steps to choose a wedding planner?



It usually takes a little effort to find the perfect wedding planner but seeing your dream wedding come together makes all the research worthwhile. Wedding planning is in fact an art form where a lot of creativity and innovation must be present. Thus, the selection of a wedding planner also become extremely important as the individual is responsible of making your dream wedding into a reality. Here are a few steps that will help you to identify the perfect wedding planner.

• Do Your Homework

Check the websites of prospective planners for pictures of recent weddings that they have organized to improve and narrow down your list. Notice if elements (such as colours, decoration, and lighting) seem to have a cohesive look and if the weddings share an overarching style. This is undoubtedly done by the most experienced of the planners, so decide if you like it. If all the weddings they’ve planned are glamorous and you’re looking for a small, intimate gathering, it might not be the right planner for you.

• Research their online presence.

Found a planner for a wedding that could be a good fit? Take that next step to check out their website, portfolio, blog, and social media with some online sleuthing. This is an excellent opportunity to gain a solid understanding of their aesthetics and style, together with their “brand voice” and communication style. Have there been any blogs or online magazines publishing their work? Look at another indication of great work for those coveted “As Seen In” badges on their website.


• Ensure your personalities match

You want to hire a wedding planner at the end of the day that you will really enjoy working with. This is someone you’re going to spend quite a bit of time leading up to the wedding, so make sure it’s both a professional and personal fit.

• Carefully read the contract

Perhaps the most crucial point when considering how to find a wedding planner is to read the contract from start to finish. We know that weeding through paperwork pages is boring but understanding what services you are actually getting is so critical that there are no surprises along the way. Make sure you know how this particular planner handles things like pricing and/or extra fees, day-off set-up and tear-down, and whether backup plans.

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