With more and more college students choosing to major in engineering across the country it is looking like we have many wonderful future engineers on our hands. With this in mind then, we wanted to share this article for anyone who was considering following in the footsteps of successful engineers like Reddy Kancharla, and discuss the skills that are required in order to become a great engineer.

As with most career choices, there are a core set of skills which you must have if you wish to forge a career in engineering and without them, you either need to work extremely hard, or opt for another kind of career. Let’s take a look then at what skills you will need if you want to become an engineer.


Whether you are working in computer engineering, aerospace engineering or civil engineering, at the crux of everything that you do is creativity and without it you will struggle to forge a career in this industry. In a sense, engineers are the ultimate creators, they put together the things that we see in the world around us, the plan, design and innovate in all aspects of our lives and they are the driving force behind changing the face of humanity.

Problem Solving

At its most basic level, the idea of engineering is to seek and solve problems that exist in the world, and to find ways and means of improving things that exist, in order to help improve lives. For this reason you should have the type of brain that is constantly on the lookout for solving problems and seeking solutions to issues which arise. If you have this skill naturally in-built then you are already half way to becoming an engineer.

Team Working

No one engineering project is completed solely by an individual and it takes a team of experts working together to complete a particular project. Throughout your career as an engineer you will need to be able to play each role within the team dynamic and do so in a way that contributes to the overall success of the project. Whether you are working in or leading a team, you need to make sure that you are doing the best job possible, and working well with the rest of the team.

Technical Abilities

When you decide on a career in engineering, you must possess some of the basic technical skills that are required within each branch. Across the board in engineering branches you will find that you need to have a high amount of skill when it comes to maths and the sciences, you will also need to have a particularly keen eye for graphic design. Within  each branch of engineering you will be required to have additional skill sets but in the main these are the areas of education which you will need to specialize in, in order to make this the right career choice for you.