There is more to a bed than just a frame nailed together. Because it is the main component of your sleep sanctuary, finding the right bed is absolutely paramount.  Whether you decided to move in with your boyfriend and you need a new bed, or your twins are old enough to sleep in bunk beds; choosing the right option takes a lot of work. Luckily, we took the liberty to make an elaborate guide to finding the best bed. So grab your beverage of choice, get comfortable and read on.

What you must consider when choosing your bed


There is a right bed for every type of sleeper.  If you are like me, you like to be sprawled out on the bed like Patrick the starfish. The type of bed, coupled with the intended sleeper should help drive you to the right choice. Go through all the different types of beds available, learning the merits and demerits of each. While you’re going through the different types, check the quality of each bed. You don’t want something that will randomly fall apart in a matter of months. The best model should be able to support yours and your partners’ weight all night long. The same applies to children, especially with bunk beds.

Buyers tip: If you are window shopping, don’t just look at the bed, touch it, sleep on it, and become one with the bed. Picture your future experience with each of your options. This way, you will be able to narrow down your choices.


You might be tempted to get that queen but hold off for a second. The issue of space will influence what type of bed you will buy. Wanting a design is one thing but having a functional bed is another. Think about how well your choice will fit in your space without being a hindrance. If you like, you may invest in the beds that come with storage compartments within the frame this will save you a lot of space, and keep your bedroom clutter free. The perfect bed should fit in your space and still leave some room for movement and other items. This will give you an allowance to arrange the space as you’d like and add a personal décor touch.

Fun fact: a clutter-free space promotes a conducive sleep environment. When there are things thrown all over the room in a disorderly fashion, it may trigger some anxiety. This will keep you from falling asleep easily. Also, an organized room will keep you from tripping over random items in the dark as you come from the bathroom in the middle of the night


Like with every major purchase, MAKE A BUDGET! I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times, but a budget will help you keep you in line and stop you from making undirected purchases. Make sure to structure your budget low enough to accommodate your wallet and high enough to get a quality item. A reasonable budget ensures you get the best of both worlds while purchasing a valuable item.

Add ons

Beds must be accessorized with mattress, some bedding, and a pillow or two or ten. Depending on your style or interior décor instincts, you can shop for literally anything that suits you and your sleep requirements. Do not just shop based on your visual preferences or the items aesthetic appeals. In fact, your sleep requirements must come first in these matters. Think about how well that bedding fabric will suit your allergies or how properly that pillow will support your head.

The most important addition has to be the mattress. Without it, your sanctuary is incomplete. There are also several factors you must consider while choosing a mattress. Having a great bed with a terrible mattress would be useless. As I said, your sleep needs come first. Look up all the different mattress designs and how they are built to suit unusual sleeping habit. Identify the degree of firmness, and structural support each option offers and correlate that to what you require. If you are unsure of how to begin, tuft and needle mattresses are a good way to kick off your ideal mattress hunt.

Room design

It might seem trivial, but consider what theme you want the bedroom to have as you buy this bed. You can’t buy a random bed with ruffles and princessy vibes and expect to design the room with a hardcore underground batman theme. That would be plain weird. Well, unless Bruce Wayne decorates his room like that, then that’s a whole other story. Before you start with this purchase, picture how you want your room designed. With such a mental image, going through the options will get simpler.

Fun fact: The correct bedroom designs should suit not only your taste but also encourage sleep. You must incorporate dim lights, a temperature control system and quiet space for an ideal sleeping environment.

The question of build or buy

If you fancy yourself the master carpenter and have the appropriate equipment to build a sturdy usable bed, and then go for it. It might be a great opportunity to spend some alone time and reflect on yourself or bond with your family or friends as you build. It may take you some time to gather the right materials and to do the actual carpentry and finishing but if you don’t mind, why not?

Many individuals, however, may lack the skills or time or even capacity to build an entire bed. There is no shame in buying a bed. You get to choose from a variety of well-made designs. If your mind is really set on building something, you can volunteer to help the assembly crew bring together your sleeping masterpiece and call it a multiple man job.

Builder tip: make sure to go with good quality materials, excellent designs, and high-grade standards. You wouldn’t want to waste your time investing in a structure that falls apart the moment you sit on it, would you?

Final word

Buying the right bed and all the accessories are influential to your sleep. It is therefore important that you make choices that you like, and that will improve your sleep quality. Otherwise, it would be a waste to buy all these items and stay up all night, staring at the wall.