The design of a boat has perhaps unchanged ever. The fundamentals remain the same; the overall structure remains the same. And, anyone can identify one from a distance. There are still hundreds of improvements from one model to another of a brand.

There are changes in terms of efficiency, engine, propeller, design, aesthetics, materials and more. This is all to make your sailing holiday as pleasant as possible. You want to enjoy, learn to sail or get to go with your friends for a small weekend trip. Anything that sort can be tempting to try it out yourself. And, if you are thinking of getting into this activity, looking at some of the best dinghies for you is not a bad idea after all.

Let us give a brief introduction to you regarding the boat types in order, from starting with the simplest ones to more complex variations of these.

We have the following: training boats, single handers, double handers, dingy cruising sailboats, and multihulls.

So, we have some 5 categories into which we can divide the different type of boats. But, to begin with, which one you should go for? As the name mentioned, the training boat is the best option for a beginner. Your trainer must use such a model to offer instructions, help with practicals and follow the sessions. It is important to get to know each and every part of the cruiser you are using and then gradually move forward.

Some important facts about these boats

To get into a training boat is the safest option for you right now. These dinghies are specifically designed for training in mind. They are offered by every major manufacturer. They are safe, and we cannot emphasize more on this. These also offer to learn at various levels of difficulty as your own pace.

The second type we mentioned was single handed ones. These are the dinghies that you might have watched in movies and made your mind to learn to sail. They are simple and operated by one person. They are simple and you do not need anyone aboard so that you can handle everything yourself while in the waters. This helps you learn about various things hands on. In our opinion, this should be your next purchase or hire after you have done rounds in a training dinner.

The next one is for couples, if you may call so. You need two people to handle a double hander. These are well suited for two persons so that you get some company and chance to bounce off ideas from someone, learn from them and have a great conversation to cherish.

The fourth one is for families and holds more people than one or two. It is great for enjoying in lagoons, estuaries, and boating in the shallow lakes.

Finally, the multihulls are the most stable of the pack. They are most expensive and have more than one catamarans or hull on them. It is especially useful when learning a new skill such as trapezing.

It is always great to start with the beginning.