Dating can bring a whirlwind of emotions, but to others, the flame dies as fast as it sparks. Both sides should always try to think of ways on how to make date night as exciting as possible.

However, date night in the U.S. can be expensive with the average cost valued at $102.32. How about trying something new for a change? Check out these fun cheap date ideas that won’t break your wallet in half.

Go on a Hike

Electronics are taking a toll on relationships today. Individuals spend too much time on it and forget that other people are relying on them. On average, people spend about three hours and 15 minutes on their phones.

Nature might be a good deal-breaker with the whole fiasco. Invite your partner to go hiking, and leave all the gadgets behind. Recharge your relationship by going the extra mile, literally. Talk as you get to that mountain peak and breathe in all the scenic environments as much as you can.

It does not cost much, depending on you and your partner’s capabilities. On average, hiking costs about $2 per mile, depending on the trail. Of course, for first-time hikers investing in gear is a must for your safety. It would cost about $1,000, but it lasts you a lifetime.

Pack a Picnic

Do everything yourself, or do it together. Make sandwiches, prepare snacks, a bottle of wine, and bring it to a great picnic spot. Bond over what you have developed, and talk about the future as you lay back on the cold grass.

You both would enjoy preparing all the things to bring for the picnic. It would not break the bank as it can only cost up to $6 per person. The basket may include hotdogs and buns, salads, baked beans, chips, fruits, and your favorite beverage.

Walk Down Memory Lane

Sometimes, relationships fizzle out because the couple forgets where they came from and do not realize how far they have come. A quick trip down memory lane can ignite the lost fire.

Gather old photos, or movie tickets and tell each other what happened that day, or night. You would find yourself swoon over memories or laughing the whole night.

It would not cost you anything, or maybe it would- depending on whether you choose to open a $15 to $30 bottle of wine to make it even more special.


Okay, it may not be one of those typical fun, cheap date ideas, but it certainly is fulfilling. Try asking your partner to volunteer with you at animal shelters or feeding programs. Doing so will also tell something about your loved one’s interests.

The only thing you would spend on while volunteering anywhere is your time. Not to mention, doing so can help make other people’s lives better. 

Stroll Around Beaches

Better yet, go to the beach and take a walk. The ocean breeze is an excellent refresher for a long work week, and sharing it with the love of your life makes it extra special. Add some jazz to your date by joining or making bonfires and drinking cocktails under the stars.

Sometimes, you do not even have to take a bite. So feel free to spend nothing and still make the night extra special with your partner.

Fly a Kite 

One of the ways to keep the flame burning is to do activities you used to have fun doing as a kid. Making a kite on your own is already a bonding experience, and flying one together is a tad romantic.

Imagine, running around like children while tugging a kite on a string is the ultimate revitalizing tool for any relationship. Aside from the relaxing activity, you both get an excuse to act like kids once again.

Date nights do not always have to be expensive, as long as you both have fun and spend time together.