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Spider Control for Property Owners: How to get rid of Spiders in your Home


Fear of spiders is regularly ranked as one of the most common phobias across the country. Whether it is the result of a horror film or an evolutionary trigger that probably kept your ancestors alive, spiders have always had a reputation as being crawly, creepy, and venomous home invaders.

However, not all spiders are bad. Some of them offer some form of natural pest control by successfully catching insects using their unique webs. Their goodness may not be enough reason for you to share a home with them. According to experts, a spider infestation can result in food contamination in pantries or kitchens.

That means there may be health risks if your loved ones unexpectedly eat contaminated food or even get bitten by a venomous spider. Therefore, it is in your best interest to work with one of the most reliable Boston spider exterminators to take the right action and keep your family safe from spiders. Here are other tips to help keep spiders away from your home.

Keep basements, attics, and garages clutter-free and clean

Many spiders seek out undisturbed, secluded areas where they can create their webs to catch their next prey. That means your attic, garage, or even basements that have unused space for some time could be a perfect environment for spiders. Cleaning these spaces and making sure that they are clutter-free will go a long way in keeping spiders away.

Also, you should avoid leaving your shoes and clothes on the floor. Instead, consider keeping them in plastic containers. It is wise to shake out all pieces of clothing that have been in a hamper before washing or even wearing them.

Seal all crevices and cracks around your property

Spiders tend to crawl into homes via cracks in the siding or even damaged windows. The outside of your property must be inspected for various defects regularly as weather and variations in temperature can result in or worsen the existing cracks, crevices, and other existing problems.

Inspect boxes for decorations, grocery bags, and similar items before bringing them into the house

Packages are usually left on your front door if delivered while you were away from home. Besides, you may place groceries on your driveway, especially when unloading. There are some of the opportunities for spiders and other creepy insects to crawl into your bags and packages and be carried into your house. Inspecting every package before bringing it indoors can reduce the risk of letting spiders invade your home.

You can also try some of the home based methods which most of the times work and are helpful in getting rid of spiders.

Essential oils

You can use strong smells as spider repellent. You won’t need to have a special smell rather those which we commonly use at our homes would work for them. Like peppermint oil is a normal remedy people use for getting rid of spiders at there home. You just need to put 20 drops of peppermint oil in a spray bottle along with water in it and spray in the corners of your home where there are most spider webs. Other options that you can try this thing is with lavender, tea tree oil, cinnamon and rose water.


If you don’t find the essential oils much effective, you can try using vinegar that is a different version of the same recipe.  Add equal ratios of water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it in all ccorthe need of your home especially in cracks and corners where there are more chances of the spider webs.  Don’t spray vinegar on varnished spaces as it could be harsh on them.

Protect your house’s exterior

There may be spiders present outside your house and you cannot do anything of them unless they make a way to your home. In most cases, spider webs are present outside your home in hidden places but you don’t know because you keep the least attention towards them.  They could be present on grass, compost, vegetation and even on leaves. You need to check the window sills and door openings too because they could also be present there.

Be careful regarding the spiders present out of your home because they will take almost no time in entering your home once they get the way.

Eucalyptus trees

Spiders stay away from strong smells and eucalyptus has a strong smell so planting this tree in your garden could be quite helpful. The eucalyptus tree has a strongly medicinal smell which would work as a spider repellent at your home.  Try to grow more than one trees and if it’s not possible, grow that one tree on a central spot so that the smell surrounds in all sides.


Spiders sort of hate The citrus smell of all kinds. So you can rub the citrus peels on windows and doors and on bookshelves too where they are most present. You can use cleaners having citrus scents as they are also good in keeping the spiders away. Citronella candles are also available which you can burn inside as well as outside of your home.

Keep the lights off

Spiders are not attracted towards light yet the insects whom spiders feast on are attracted with light and when the insects are there, the spiders will automatically be. So try to keep unnecessary lights off so that the insects may not be attracted towards your home. To keep lights on, you can use yellow lights which shine less and thus it cannot be attractive to insects.

Hire an expert

Some spider species such as house spiders cannot harm you. However, a few species such as the brown recluse spiders and black widow can bite you and inject some dangerous venom. Different people respond differently to this venom and require different levels of treatment.

Instead of sharing your home with these insects or risking a bite when getting rid of them, consider hiring a professional exterminator.

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