The home factor is very relevant in the analysis of a game, but few know the real reason why it is taken into account. Playing at home is not just having the support of the fans, it is having psychological support and the comfort of being used to the environment.

After all, who doesn’t like a comfort zone?

We answer immediately: every human being. This is because our very existence ends up starting in a comfort zone – that is, our mothers’ womb.

Athletes, be they football, chess or poker, are human beings too. Consequently, they also prefer the comfort zone, which is familiar to them. And what would be the athlete’s comfort zone?


  • The court the size he plays half the games of the NBA season. 
  • The NFL indoor stadium (dome).

The football field the size he is used to. In addition to a biological issue, it is even a psychological issue.

The human brain, when it comes to emotions, is exactly the same compared to 20,000 years ago. And how did people organize themselves 20,000 years ago? 

  • In tribes of a maximum of 50 people, in a given territory. 

Going to another territory would only mean one thing:

  • The possibility of being stoned to death by the leader of the other tribe and his friends.
  • Logically, it was better to develop your activities in a known territory, where you know the environment and have the help of your own friends.

Let’s move this analogy to sport. Indeed, what is the territory where you know the environment and have the help of your own friends against adversity? Your stadium, your gym. Familiarity helps to the extent that practice – and this is an age-old concept, dating back to Aristotle – repeated under the same conditions leads to the perfection of a given activity. Indeed, the chance of being successful at home is greater than being successful at home. That’s because the “friends” end up being the crowd. As much as the athlete knows that he will not be physically attacked, the crowd imposes a moral and psychological pressure on the players of a certain sport. 

  • Examples abound, like La Bombonera from Boca Juniors.

If you have never stopped to think how playing situs poker online terpercaya indoors can affect the outcome of a game, know that bookmakers have been thinking that since the world is the world.

As? Well, in the handicap itself

Let’s say that in the Champions League or NFL, two teams are favorites for the title and, at the end of the season, they end up meeting. Suppose they are absolutely the same.

If the match was not played on a neutral field, in the NFL the team would earn 3 “extra” points in the handicap. Or a goal in the Asian handicap. As the finals of these two championships are played on a neutral field, there would be no handicap – the so-called home field advantage . You could understand, right?  Now you will think twice before disregarding the fact that your team is the 12th player of a match. After all, you are the one who provides the comfort zone – and the greatest chance of success.