Stainless Steel Nails, What Are The Benefits ?


I bought my own home just over 2 years ago and given that money was pretty tight, I decided to start and complete the majority of the construction and decorating jobs on my own. This approach most definitely saved me money and as I completed each job, I learned a great deal about construction and DIY. This is not to say of course that there were no mistakes made along the way, this was in fact how I learned things but I am in the position now where I have managed to greatly improve my knowledge and my abilities.

My garage is really filling up with DIY equipment and I have become something of an aficionado of this kind of equipment. Today however, I want to talk about one my best friends when I am completing a DIY project, stainless steel screws and their many benefits.

Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel is a wide term which is given to a huge variety of corrosion resistant steel alloys. Very often the elements which go into making stainless steel are things like nickel, iron, chromium, sulphur, phosphorous and tungsten, among others. The element which is added to the steel is what gives it the stainless quality and each element brings a different property to the steel.

No Corrosion?

The reason for the widespread use of stainless steel nails is because of its corrosion resistant properties. Now it should be noted that this material is resistant to corrosion, not completely unable to corrode. The reason why the alloy is resistant to corrosion is because of the 10% of chromium which it features, the chromium forms a film on the surface of the metal which is how it becomes resistant to corrosion. However, corrosion can occasionally occur but even if it does, it is not critical and the likelihood is that the stainless steel will only show some slight evidence of the corrosion. For this reason stainless steel screws are the preferred choice in construction.


In this day and age of green living and eco-friendly choices, the stainless steel screw makes for a great option as it has a very long life cycle and it is 100% recyclable. Stainless steel screws can be melted down and turned into something else or they can even be used again in the form that they are in.


One of the biggest reasons why stainless steel screws are used so frequently is because of their incredible durability and strength. Because of the corrosion resistant nature of the screw, outdoor use is recommended and the hold which these screws can provide because of the strength of the alloy is absolutely incredible.

Screws, nails and fasteners that have been made with stainless steel are the recommended choice for so many DIY projects and if you are ever on the lookout for some new equipment, make sure that you pick up a big box of these handy little nails.

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