With any kind of sport, it is impossible to ever become good at it without understanding the basics. Stephen Varanko III’s favorite sport is lacrosse, which is one that is poorly understood by many. Here, he hopes to explain some of it sins and outs by providing 10 top tips.

Top 10 Lacrosse Tips According to Stephen Varanko III

  1. Think of the ball as if it was an egg. Catch it but let the stick give a little bit. This will stop the ball from coming out. If you were to imagine catching an egg with your hands, that is how you need to catch the ball.
  2. When receiving a pass, make sure you face the passer. This way, you always know where the ball is and of the path ahead of you. Try to make this a habit that sticks with you.
  3. Cradle the ball as much as possible. This means it stays inside the stick’s pocket. It is something you need to practice. After a while, you won’t even have to look at the ball anymore and this will ensure that you can stay focused on the field.
  4. Do not face your receiver when making a pass. Instead, turn slightly to the side, shielding the defender and stopping them from getting the ball of you. Do make eye contact, however, so that your team mate knows you are passing to them.
  5. Learn how to throw and catch. It may seem like a simple skill, but you would be surprised to find how many people actually get this wrong.
  6. Don’t overcomplicate things. Lacrosse is not easy, but nor is any real sport. However, it isn’t rocket science either. Keep things simple, making your passes sharp and short. Glory passes are unlikely to ever work and are basically just a waste.
  7. Meet the ball. You will never get anywhere by standing still and hoping the ball will magically land in your pocket. You need to move towards it, thereby also stopping your opponents from taking the ball off you.
  8. Communication is key in any team sport and lacrosse is a team sport. You must communicate with your team mates so that they and you know what is happening and what the strategy is.
  9. Learn the four basic sports. They are the backhand shot, the sidearm long shot, the underhand long shot, and the overhand long shot. Do also practice faking those shots so that you can trick the opposing team.
  10. Play a game of mini-lacrosse. This means you have a chance to get to know the game before deciding to join a team only to then find the sport is not for you. Mini-lacrosse is slightly modified and is quite a cheap way of getting into the game – or not.

With these 10 top tips, people can not only get to know Lacrosse, they can also learn to love the sport.