What is in store after your OWI arrest?


An OWI arrest can be devastating to both personal and professional lives. For many, the idea of being arrested, booked into the jail system only to get out and face months of costly court appearances and hiring defense attorneys at a high cost is just simply something that isn’t even in the realm of ok. However, some individuals find themselves in this exact position, having made poor decisions based on a night out drinking or other substance use.

And, in one instance, you are usually able to get yourself out of this bad situation relatively unscathed. However, if you have committed these offenses and bad caught more than once, you may find out just how big of a deal multiple OWI arrests and convictions can really be.

Multiple OWI convictions can be a really big deal in your life. The first time you are caught and convicted, the fines and penalties can be significant. Each subsequent arrest and conviction leads to higher penalties and stiffer penalties until ultimately you could be looking at serving serious jail time and may even lose your license for your lifetime.

While it is important to note that every state has their own progressive disciplinary action plan for OWI offenders, the usual progression will look something like this:

A second OWI offense (and conviction) will include such penalties as:

• A maximum of 1 year in jail with a minimum actual 90 days served

• Financial penalties in the sum of $1,000

• Driver’s license suspension for up to two years (Yes, this will be on your record, which will also result in significantly higher insurance rates)

• Mandatory drug and alcohol rehabilitation program attendance (may be inpatient) for at least 30 days.

A third OWI conviction will result in:

• A maximum of 1 year in jail with a minimum stay of 120 days

• Financial penalties of up to $2,000

• Driver’s license suspension of up to three years

• Another stint in drug and alcohol rehab for a minimum of 30 days.

Keep in mind that these penalties are stacked on top of the penalties that you have already paid/served.

Unfortunately, the actual penalties associated with OWI are just the start of the misery that you can expect to endure. While the direct penalties for OWI are pretty straightforward and easy to see, the indirect costs may not be so evident. For example, did you know that you will have to facilitate multiple appearances in court before your case will be decided? Each of these appearances is time off from work, time that may not be paid. In addition to a loss of wages, you might face losing your job due to excessive absences. This means that in addition to paying high fines and legal fees, you may not have the same level of income. What’s more is that you may find it difficult to get a new job with a criminal record, even if it is just for OWI.

Indiana Arrests for OWI can be particularly prickly, which is why it is so important to make other arrangements if you have been drinking. Visit today for More Info.
Before you become a statistic, know that Indiana Arrests for OWI are increasing.

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