We again announce the Spanish Primer as the league that gives the winner of European Champions League and, accordingly, it can be said that this is the strongest league in Europe.

La Liga this season can offer a lot of excitement in all the battles that will run probably to the very end. It was about the same season last year, when two candidates fought for the title, it was also very interesting to fight for the fourth place leading to the Champions League, as well as for positions leading to the European League, while the traditional struggle for survival offered the right drama. All the teams that have been in the company of the best since this season have already been in Primera division, so the competition is really strong.

Who are the favourites to win La Liga?

Real is the favorite to defend the title. Barcelona remained without Neymar, and it seems that the Catalan defense is weaker than before. Can Simeone’s Atletico, as well as the previous seasons, be involved in a pot race?

The transfer period is still open. The Catalans seem to have the most turbulent summer when the transfers are in question, many players connect with coming to the Barcelona. But in spite of these news and speculation, Barcelona is a big club that competes in one of the strongest football leagues. The Spanish league in recent years is an indispensable part of every sports fanatic. The domination of the Spanish clubs in European competitions only confirms what quality is at stake.

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Stream the big matches free

Football fans could not wish a better start to the season in Spain. Football pleasures start with the performance of the Super Cup of Spain, the match between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Both games have shown that Barcelona is in a psychological crisis and that several good players must be brought in for the new season. Real Madrid, on the other hand, showed supremacy and desire to play. In favor of the barcelona is the fact that they have relatively “easier” start of the season in Spain. But despite all of this we have listened to such things for the Barcelona, they as a team always knew to surprise with a wonderful football magic.

Surely all true football fans enjoy watching Messi and other stars like Suarez, Iniesta and many others.

Live streaming of all Barcelona games this season

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