When you head out of the house, the greatest joy is enjoying that soft and warm sunshine that makes you feel fresh. Having some amount of sunshine is healthy, but at the same time, those rays from the sun contain ultraviolet radiation that can harm your body when absorbed by the skin. Prolonged exposure to those ultraviolet rays will cause sunburn, skin ageing and, in many cases, skin cancer. So, to avoid these issues, you ought to choose clothes that are specially designed to wear while moving out in the sun. Hence, get yourself sun protection shirts that are tested to control exposure to ultraviolet rays. Moreover, these shirts are known to be tested by UPF to make you safe from harmful rays. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Sun Protection Clothes

While you are buying any garment that claims to protect you from rays of the sun, you must check the lab tested UPF rating to ensure what amount of protection it gives you from UV rays. And if the cloth that you buy does not have a UPF rating, you must look for the following points in the apparel: 

  • Choose dark fabrics as they are known to provide better protection from UV rays. 
  • Choose denser weaves as they offer better strength against UV rays than looser weaves. 
  • Choose fibres like polyester and nylon as they provide better resistance from ultraviolet rays. 

Who Can Get the Most Out of Them?

The clothing essentials that are UPF rated can be beneficial for almost all people and as they give protection from UV rays. But they can be more advantageous to the following people:

  • People With Sun-Sensitive Skin – People who get burns and freckles when exposed to the sun need special protection. Meanwhile, this condition can be due to many different factors, such as light pigmentation or moles.
  • People Whose Skin Pigmentation Is Darker – People with darker pigmentation are known to possess high amounts of melanin. The presence of melanin ensures protection from UV rays, but it gets hard to spot skin damage on darker skin. This can make your skin appear dull, and it can make it harder for you to battle it off.
  • Children and Aged People – A child has soft and sensitive skin that harmful UV rays can easily damage. And when a child faces skin damage, it worsens with increasing age. Also, when aged people get exposed to the harsh sun’s rays, it can be dangerous.
  • People Living in Equatorial or Snowy Regions – UV radiations are high in the place where the air is thinner, or the sun remains directly over the head, as this creates a shorter path for the light to travel. This can damage your skin to a great extent, and hence you ought to acquire sun protection shirts when you live at these places.

Why Should You Not Go for Clothes Below a UPF Rating of 15?

As you know, UPF rating determines how durable a piece of clothing is against UV rays. And apparels that are rated below 15 cannot be trusted to give protection against UV rays. So, that’s the case of a white t-shirt or shirt as it can only be rated as five, which is below half the rating it must be.

In short, buy sun-protective clothes that can make you feel safe even when you’re out in that harsh sun. So, choose wisely from all those available choices, and it must be rated above 15.