The 2017 NRL season, the 110th season of the Australian professional rugby league, commenced on 2nd March and will run till October 1, the day of the final. So, who are you supporting in the 2017 NRL? Is it the 2016 premiers Cronulla, the runners up Melbourne or everyone’s favourite the New Zealand Warriors? Regardless of who you’re supporting, you can back your favourite NRL teams in a number of ways. Here, we’re going to look at the ways of supporting your favourite NRL team.

Different people support their favourite NRL team in different ways. However, we’re going to look at the best ways of supporting an NRL team. A good way to support your favourite NRL team in the 2017 NRL is betting on them. Doing this is easy because today you can bet on NRL games online. By betting on your favourite team to win a particular game even if it has little chance of victory, you will prove your loyalty to it. In addition to betting on them, a good way to support your favourite NRL team is attending its games, especially the ones played at the team’s home ground.

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A major source of revenue for NRL teams is match day tickets so by attending your favourite team’s home games regularly, you’ll help it to survive and run profitably. Finances are required by an NRL team to buy good players so if you want your favourite team to excel, spend as much as you can on match day tickets to provide your team with the much needed money. You probably already do this but there’s no harm in mentioning it here: back your favourite NRL team by wearing its colours wherever you go. Don your favourite team’s jersey and buy its merchandise. This will also help your favourite NRL team to make money.

You’re not a true fan of your favourite NRL team until you defend it on online and other forums. Loyal fans defend their team whenever the need for it arises so if you want to be a true supporter of your favourite NRL team, act as the team’s advocate whenever someone criticises the team or its players. Also, if possible, write blogs about your favourite NRL team that showcase the team and its players in a positive way.

The final and most convenient way of supporting your favourite team is religiously watching its games on TV. Watch each and every NRL game of your favourite to provide it much needed support. Just like match day tickets, TV viewership is a significant source of revenue for NRL teams so by religiously watching your favourite team’s NRL games, you’ll provide financial support to it.

We all have our own ways of supporting our favourite NRL teams. However, the aforementioned ways of supporting an NRL team benefit your favourite team financially and prove your loyalty to it.